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Advice on best way to use a cane when you have hand issues??

My doctor has finally has enough of me falling and demanded I get and use a cane. So, I’m looking for one. My problem here is that I have arthritis that affects my hands more than anything else and severe psoriasis on my palms and fingers that cracks and bleeds when I put pressure on those areas during a flare up. See the photo. This is a level 3 day for my flare ups. On a 1-5 scale. It was a 6 this past Thursday. I consider it a 6 when something gets infected. It’s a 5, when typing on my phone or something equally minimally strenuous makes it bleed repeatedly. I’ve been at a level 5 for about three weeks now.
How can I find a cane with a handle that my hands can handle? #Arthritis #Cane #Psoriasis #PsoriaticArthritis #walkingaid #Disability #Falling #PlantarsFasciitis #HeelSpurs #MobilityAids #handpain

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The best #MobilityAids for people like me. Long story ahead

This is my first post on here.. So here it goes it..
I am one of the lucky ones who have a mild case of #CerebralPalsy palsy.. Luckily it doesn't affect me much. However I was browsing the Yahoo home page and I saw #SelmaBlair on the page with this bright yellow device.. I had no idea what it was called.. So a few Google searches later. I quickly realized it was called the Alinker. I then instantly thought wow this is exactly what I need. You see I have #DiabetesType2 on top of cp and I am over weight as well and I struggle to get active having cp.. So after falling head over heels with this #walkingaid as it has no pedals.. I decided that I am going to see how much they cost wow $2200 dollars!!! I then was upset that I could not afford it.. So fastfoward a few weeks later I see a video of this random lady on the Alinker in a parade in a town not far from me. I literally jumped for joy as the #alinker was something very new to the USA so to find someone else who has the same thing as me from a small tiny start up.. So I instantly messaged this random lady who's name is Anna. I told her that I was interested in the Alinker and can I get it out some day?? Well she instantly told me that she was going to be at a #AssistiveTechnology expo and I went there and after seeing it in action.. I said I want this so bad.. Well a few days later I set up a online based #Fundraiser for my #alinker ... As the alinker is a 3 wheel bike and not covered by insurance so my only option was to fundraise. So I ended up fundraising the funds. I got my #alinker in September of last year.. It has made a huge difference in my life.. I have taken it to #AbilitiesExpo where I am in this picture and I even took it #iceskating with it... I have to admit that there is a learning curve of how to use it and I still have not mastered it.. I still have to do a few #adjustments to it like the seat height and https://angle.But the good thing is if you have mild cerebral palsy it's a option or even if you have #MultipleSclerosis or anything that requires you use a wheelchair part of the time.. I have to admit that it's not for every condition.. I am having so much free time with this virus.. I plan on taking it out more. If you want more information to to www.thealinker.com.. It truly has changed my life.


Does anyone know any good resources to help explain to family members why using a walking aid is so difficult #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

Hey, so I've been trying to find some sort of resource to help explain to my parent why I find it so (Emotionally and psychologically) difficult using walking aids. I don't mind what format, whether it be a youtube, Instagram, or other social media account, or article. I'd also love it if it wasn't completely scientific and focused more on real-life experience rather than clinical medical terms.

Thank youuu #walkingaid

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