So I received a comment on a post that I made. I guess the person assumed/felt that I was making excuses to why my new job wasn’t going to work out for me. I am not trying to quit the job or intentionally sabotage the job opportunity. What I was saying is I can already see that my personality and that of the management staff are going to end up clashing. These managers are more cut and dry and straight to the point. No humor nothing that makes me feel relaxed or comfortable. And I don’t like working in an environment where I feel I ah e to constantly be on edge. My previous job before I was forced to move I felt way more comfortable with the job and the management there! But I don’t feel like I can do that at my new job. Plus I suffer from #OppositionalDefiantDisorder we don’t like authority figures to begin with. And to have them basically stuck up like that is a recipe for disaster. I can just see it coming. And no just because I am smell it taste 👅 and feel this disaster coming doesn’t mean I can change the outcome because to do that would mean betraying myself and bowing down to them and allowing them to continue with their mentality and I cannot allow that at all I know people call me delusional and crazy but idc I refuse to submit or surrender to ANYONE BUT GOD HIMSELF THATS THE ONLY PERSON I SURRENDER TO NEVER TO A PLAIN HUMAN BEING!!!!! Now the job can work out if these supervisors would leave me alone and stay out of my way after I’m trained to do the job efficiently and yes I go to work with the intention of working hard and doing my best everyday but once training is over I prefer the supervisor or manager to leave me alone I’ll come to you if I need you otherwise don’t bother me