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    Back to school

    Stepdaughter has finished ABA and we're done with doing school online. She just simply isn't thriving there. She refuses to do any of the work so they worked with her during the past couple month to prepare her for 7th grade. She went back last Wednesday. So far, so good. She hasn't had any escalations in refusals and seems to like the environment overall. She has accomodations, but We meet with the principal later this week to work out more of her IEP and get some of that in writing. 🤞Hopefully all goes well and she stays on track! 🤞


    "What if she can't?"

    My stepdaughter, 12 years old, diagnosed on the autism spectrum, ADHD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, has been doing our state's online public school the past two years while she has done therapy, in part, in an attempt to help her reintegrate into public in person school. Well, she's as defiant against the online work as she was in person. They have set up a 504 and made accomodations to make the coursework fit into her abilities. She's failing everything because she doesn't do the work. We got an email the other day saying they wanted to set up a zoom meeting to address her lack of engagement with the work and are basically saying they're gonna kick her out of the online school. The plan is to have her in person next year anyway, but her mom is beside herself with frustration. She insists that her daughter is not going to be able to do school at all. Because she refuses to do literally anything she is asked to do. I, like her therapists, disagree with this and think there's a good chance she will do ok at this point based on the progress she has made over the past couple years. But it could go either way. Cuz in all this time, what her triggers are is still elusive. I'm mostly just at a loss and venting. I don't even know what question I'm trying to ask or what question to ask. I'm just so tired of all this...
    #Autism #OppositionalDefiantDisorder #ADHD #CheckInWithMe


    Tough choices

    My wife is waiting to hear back about what day her new job starts. She went for an interview last week and the manager said they were planning to start either April 4 or the following week. But she did get the job. So that's the good thing!

    The hard thing is we got a call yesterday from the place where her daughter (high functioning) does her autism therapy and they told us her insurance changed and they don't take it. So either we get her back on the plan she used to be on or services end Friday. The only way to change that is to actually call them, which gives my wife extreme anxiety. She's gonna try because if they can change it back, keeping her at the same place would be easiest routine-wise. But the other side is if we keep her on this new plan, it covers another place in town that does the same type of therapy but they also offer respite care and other services all inclusive that we have to go to outside agencies to get since this other place doesn't have those. So, all told, this might be better for all of us in the longer term. But the current place is getting her ready to return to traditional school. And if she goes to the new place, the easiest thing to do would be keep her in online school cuz, while from a therapy standpoint she is ready to go back to school, from a practical standpoint of socialization and what her individual needs are, she wouldn't do well. She's still struggling to do practically anything independently. There just never seems to be a moment for us to enjoy anything or catch a break... #Autism #OppositionalDefiantDisorder #Insurance #choices



    Last year was an absolutely terrible year for my family. My wife was out of work for nearly all of it due to depression and anxiety, leaving me to pretty much figure out how to pay ALL the bills and buy the food and keep things together. We made it... I'd say by the skin of our teeth. She found work, a job that fit with what she needs and her daughter's need for nearly constant supervision (she's high functioning autistic, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and ADHD). But I'm seeing hints of her losing this job she found. Hints of things that lead to her losing the last job she had before this one. And I just don't feel like I can do another year like last year. I haven't had a break or real time to myself in all of this time and I'm at the end of my rope as it is with my own stuff. I work all day and then come home and just work as a caregiver basically. I sometimes just don't feel like I can do it anymore, and tonight is one of those nights. #CheckInWithMe #Autism #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Caregiving #tired #Depression


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is Freehandluketheduke. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

    #MightyTogether #ADHD #OCD #OppositionalDefiantDisorder #DiabetesType2 #ehlers-DanlosSyndrome


    Eating Weird things

    My stepdaughter is diagnosed high functioning autistic (also ADHD and ODD). We've had an ongoing issue lately where she is eating the cat food. We leave the dry stuff out, in a certain portion that the vet has said is ok for the cat for the whole day. But my stepdaughter is eating it regularly. As in the whole bowl. We know it's her because the cat will eat some and make it last all day. She always leaves some. A couple months back, it started suddenly being all gone at weird times during the day. So we set up a camera on the cat bowl. On a hunch cuz we've caught my stepdaughter doing it before and now we have multiple videos of her stealing the cat's food. What do we do to stop this? Punishments don't work. Reward for good behavior doesn't work. She literally does whatever she wants and acts like we we are the ones who are the problem because we have the audacity to say anything about it. #Autism #OppositionalDefiantDisorder #PathologicalDemandAvoidanceSyndrome #Caregiving


    Working independently

    My stepdaughter, she's gonna be 12 next week, has been in ABA for about a year now. We have seen vast improvements in many of the areas we had concerns. Lying, stealing, massive refusals of even the smallest demands.

    The problem is this: because of all the one on one she has been getting, she seems to have lost much of her ability to work independently at home (things like cleaning her room and such). It's been in the past couple weeks that I've noticed it, but with nearly every task we give her to do at home, she refuses to do it (not like a tantrum or anything like she used to,but she just waits until we leave the room and goes back to whatever she was doing before, basically just ignores us) unless we stand there and point out each individual item or step. And that is just not realistic in our situation. I'd assume they've noticed that at her therapy place as well and that's part of why they're moving her to a more independent work environment. She used to do things on her own, though sometimes after much screaming and crying about having to do it.

    I'm hoping some of the changes they've made to her program will help this, but what is some advice for us at home to help her work more independently? #Autism #OppositionalDefiantDisorder #PathologicalDemandAvoidanceSyndrome #ADHDInGirls #ADHD