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Join Robin Roberts'​ Community of Thrivers

There is something very special about Robin Roberts.

I figured it out when the Good Morning America anchor joined The Mighty recently for a live video to take questions from our community and share her story living through two life-threatening illnesses – breast cancer and a bone marrow transplant.

Her charisma and infectious personality came through, and I wasn’t surprised that the 15 minutes she planned with us turned into 40. But I picked up on a small thing she did that speaks volumes about her. When being asked a question from one of our members – and these were flying at her — Robin took the time to address the person by name and made sure she got it right.

Robin Roberts cares deeply about helping people. And that’s why we are so proud to share her new digital video series Thriving Thursday with our Mighty community.

“What really drew me to The Mighty is this wonderful community,” she said on our live video. “Your tribe determines your vibe. And I like this tribe here with The Mighty.”

Take a moment to read her post on the site today. “There are so many thrivers in this Mighty community, and in my digital series you will meet people just like you. They’ve experienced everything from a catastrophic diagnosis, unexpected loss, unemployment, divorce, or personal betrayal. These are people who were faced with a choice and they chose to thrive.”

Watch her videos and submit your own story on and join her #ThriverThursday community on The Mighty, which just launched today. We’re all here to help each other.

Robin kicked things off with a great question to our community below. Click here to respond.

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