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#Depression #Lossofhope #dontcareanymore

I’m in the depths of a pit at the moment. No one sees or maybe just doesn’t want to deal with the intense pain, I feel I am radiating to the world.

I am an extrovert who loves life, or I should say I used to be. Now, I have no joy within me. I’ve searched the synapses of my brain it for days; however, it’s like the pilot light to the positive existence I was once a part of, has been extinguished.

Where is my life long ability to push through? Why do I not leave the house? Who turned off the music? I need the DJ to turn the music back on.



CRPS IS A MONSTER #worstpainontheplanet #Iwantmylifeback

Thankful to have 3 doctors that will not give up on me and are doing everything possible to give me some part of my life back! Also blessed to have the support of my family and incredible group of friends that will not give up on me.