I have what not a lot of people have. It’s called Juvenile Absent Epilepsy. Common in children; sort of like day dreaming or zoning out. In adults, it’s less common or rare. I’m a twin, my twin sister has #JuvenileMyoclonicEpilepsy and when she knows she has her, everyone else can. She has convulsions (grand mal) and I have what are called “absent” seizures. They happen in the brain but not the body. So I don’t get convulsions. But I never know when I have my seizures. I’m never going to be able to drive. I’m 22, been behind the wheel once. It sucks, honestly. I’ve been suicidal on some medicines, on some medicines I’ve lost my memory. It’s the worst. Somedays I wish I never would have found out. But I did and now I have to live with it. My partner has gotten me through it, she’s absolutely amazing but we had a really rough patch when I first found out. I was so ANGRY. Livid. I hated myself and the world. I hated my life. I wanted it to end. But now I’m on an antidepressant, new medication. Hoping this will work for me.