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Ooooohh this is so important in healing.....
I had to realize, (and it took a long time) that when I am triggered into a painful downward spiral of blackness, the kind of spiral we all absolutely dread, that I needed to shift my thinking.
I had to realize, accept, and understand that the present trigger issue was not really the brain is wired different than most. My brain latches onto anything that doesn’t “make sense”, and tries to come up with its own conclusions. What follows is obsessional thoughts about painful things. Things that I believe are present issues causing me pain are not that at all. I’m reliving those awful things from long ago. I have to “balance” my thinking between my emotions and my intellect. That in between space where logic, reason, and emotion can sit together and come up with a middle ground. #WiseMind
-Remove your judgements that other people do not suffer your pain.
-And most importantly, sit with your hurt, but not for long. Move on, get up, do something physical, put on some music! Something, anything other than just ruminating. Understand that your brain works differently, and there will be things that you may never really understand. And that’s ok, you don’t have to. #keepitsimple

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Christmas can be such a stressful time. And that's when it's important to take a deep breath and to remember what Christmas means to you. Christmas without the bells and whistles, without the trees, turkeys and presents. Find that wonderful cheer and giving spirit without the trimmings and enjoy your perfect Christmas, your way. You are what makes Christmas special!
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