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Going cold Turkey #Bipolar2Disorder

I decided to go cold Turkey about a month ago on my depression pills right after they took me off of it for 2 weeks. #BipolarDepression is not easy to deal with alone and specially not with a baby on hand. I started to gain allot of weight and was having really bad heartburn so they stop my medications for a while. #Depression kept coming in and out of my mind without a time or date unexpectedly. I hate, I really do but I started to feel insecure about my weight. I went cold Turkey on my meds and it’s been about 2 plus months now and all I’ve been doing is writing on a journal. It’s helping after all and every day right after waking up I read or write over them. I’m sure if it helps me then it helps you. #BipolarDisorder #Depression #PTSD #Trauma #Suicide #MentalHealthAwareness please if any of these you have talk to professional people. I know we all have different ways of coping but we can all find ways to help one another if one doesn’t work then there’s more tries. Thank you

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Is it the same for you?

Its like i am a ball of all these complex emotions and traits. I think one thing and too many of my traits fire up. Is this how it ends or how it could have begun differently or how the beginning to end scenarios can be different.
Its too complex. Is it the same for all INFJ types. Its like i am in a office and when i open a file, all this work load comes up and to complete the file i have to complete all the work load and work load also has its own set of files and so on and i feel like all the energy was used up from my body(mentally)
Its too conplex how can i shut down my brain without using phone all day.
If anyone has experienced this please i would like to know your thoughts on this whatever i am facing.
It just leaves me exhausted mentally. #MentalHealthAwareness #ComplexEmotions

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New Friends Destination For Current And Soon To Be New Friends! #Friends #MentalHealth

<p>New Friends Destination For Current And Soon To Be New Friends! <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="Friends" href="/topic/friends/" data-id="5b23ce8100553f33fe992f8e" data-name="Friends" aria-label="hashtag Friends">#Friends</a>  <a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Mental Health" href="/topic/mental-health/" data-id="5b23ce5800553f33fe98c3a3" data-name="Mental Health" aria-label="hashtag Mental Health">#MentalHealth</a> </p>
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A common type of depression no one is talking about...

Have you heard of perinatal depression? It's more common than you would think!

Pregnancy is often thought to be one of the happiest time's in someone's life but that is just not true. A lot of people have very rough, unpleasant, or even dangerous pregnancies.

Many suffer from depression before, during, and/or after pregnancy and it's definitely something we need to know more about.

Today's podcast guest, Gemma Baxter shares her experience with perinatal depression during her pregnancies and how she was able to treat it.

Please share this episode because this is something that needs to be made aware of!

#Pregnancy #prenataldepression #perinataldepression #PostnatalDepression #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness

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Productive procrastination, can you relate?

<p>Productive procrastination, can you relate?</p>
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I need help.

Hello, everyone. I hope you all are doing good.
This is a long post but please read it if you can.
I've been inactive here for more than a year now. Due to my mental illness, I was not able to keep up with things. Personally, and Socially. I need some advice and if anyone could help, that woul be great.
I have completed my graduation and I'm about to complete B.Ed (Bachelor of Education), this is a degree that you need to have in order to go into the academic field. I want to become a professor. On fourth of July I'll complete my B.Ed and then I'll be eligible to teach in school upto class 8th as I have done only undergraduation and not postgraduation. After completing undergraduation and B.Ed, one is eligible to teach in schools upto class 8th in India, and if you have completed your postgraduation, then you're eligible to teach upto class 12th.
But the thing is I want to be a college teacher (a professor) and for that I have to do M.A. (postgraduation) and then clear NET (National Eligibility Test) and after that I'll be eligible to teach in colleges. But I have to give an entrance exam to study M.A. and I was not able to prepare for it at all due to my increasing mental health issues. And now I've my entrance exam some time in August, most probably. And I can't prepare all of it in such a short duration of time. If I'm not able to clear the entrance exam this time, I want to take a drop year and study for the entrance and then give it again. But my parents are not supporting this decision. They are saying that if I clear my entrance exam this time, then I can study from Delhi. Otherwise, I can study from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. I've done my undergraduation from University of Delhi, and now I want to do my postgraduation from JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University). Both these universities are the top most universities of India and after having the experience of University of Delhi, I want to get an experience of JNU. I've set my level according to that. And studying from Raipur, Chhattisgarh (where I live currently) is not appealing to me at all. The level of education over here is not as good as Delhi not is the environment.
But my parents want me to get a job as well and their suggestion is that I apply for a job at a school and then do my M.A. simultaneously. But I don't want this. I want to do my M.A. properly, clear NET and then become a professor. My school teachers are also suggesting me to apply for a job at a school.
All this is very confusing. My aim was fixed but due to all this I'm having multiple doubts. This is increasing my mental health issues a lot. I have depression and anxiety disorder and my self-esteem is becoming low day by day. It's getting worse with time and with so much pressure and confusion. If anyone of you can suggest as to what I should do, then please suggest, it would be of great help.
Please tell me from the options below:
1.) I should take a drop year if I don't clear my entrance exam this time. And then give it again next year. (The entrance exam is for University of Delhi and JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
2.) I should apply for a job at a school and then do my M.A. from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.
3.) I should do my M.A. from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Then clear NET and then apply for a job at a college.
Or any other suggestion that you want to give apart from the ones mentioned above.
Please help me.

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