I left a toxic job environment for a shiney, new job in the city. It paid more and challenged me from the start. I was excited to wake up and head to work. I loved my schedule (6am to 3pm). And the commute wasn't too bad.

Two weeks after I start, they announce that my job is being eliminated and our office is closing in favor of an office outside of Boston. This blindsided everyone. Over 200 jobs were being eliminated by Dec 31st.

I am not stressed over finding a new job. I really consider it an inconvenience more than anything. I am really devastated over how excited, gung ho and happy the whole office seemed until this EMAIL was sent out regarding the lay off. In interviews (I did four), the company was touted as GROWING and that it's presence in our city was for the LONG HAUL. They talked up a supposed contract with the city for tax cuts if they promised 5 years.

But the company didn't take the tax cuts. They knew they weren't going to remain in my city. They hyped us up, tricked us into given them our loyalty and ideas on how to build a proper support center. Now they're setting us out on the curb.

I'm not going to be eligible for unemployment and the severance will be minimal. I am just trying to keep myself together to find another job. It's so hard not to lay down and die. If I get a new job, what does it matter? That new place could be just as awful as my previous place and blindside me worse than my current place. There is no stability and I hate it. Temporary living situations drive me to suicide.

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