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I came here seeking support but now I say we may mention anything so I’ll also say that I am a dyed in the Woll creative with almost every creative field under my belt. I’m looking for remote work in a design, food concept, food stylist, photography, copy writing, socials branding and content and more… #Work #bpdcreative #Depression #BingeEatingDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Bipolar1 #BipolarDepression

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Supportive boss #Kindness #Anxiety #EmotionalHealth

So one of my coworkers said something atrocious to me. In front of a coworker who did not intervene. I started sweating and shaking but couldn’t leave (I’m lead tonight) I was really beside myself. I texted my amazing supportive boss who I call “ mom” who backed me up and promised to speak to the ass hat. I’m still sweaty and clammy and thinking about taking my emergency klonopin I keep in my backpack. But instead I’m posting here. I can use some positive words #watercooler #Work #Anxiety #bigotry #stupid is not an excuse

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Making a decision #BipolarDisorder #Survivor #Work #Career #Disability #AddictionRecovery

I love my job! I am a Certified Peer Advocate and I get to deal with clients on a daily via phone to follow them on their recovery from substance abuse. However, I keep making small mistakes that have now added up to a possible termination. As much as I love my job I also am more of a face to face type of person. The phone doesn't give me that option. So I remembered that when God wants to remove something from your life he throws roadblocks till I make that decision. I work part time as I am on disability and I have been wanting to get a full time job for awhile now. Maybe these minor mistakes are the road blocks! So with the help of friends I am talking out about this situation. Making a pro and con list, and I am writing it on here for some feedback. This is how my recovery works for me today. I reach out to others. WOW! I have definitely come a long way in my healing journey!

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How to cope when you have a disability/ mental health and are unemployed?

How to not feel like a loser/ worthless not being able to contribute as a member to society; and fill your time, I try to volunteer or make up for it, but sometimes I compare myself to other people my age and feel pathetic :( I want to be kind to myself while working to change my life. #unemployed #Work #Student #Shame #tough #sad #Comparison #Anxiety #Depression #help #Support

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° " I'm In A Severely Depressed State Of Mind " ° #Work #realationships #Insomnia

× " So I Have Been Working Alot... Lately 36.50 Hour's This Week.. And I'm Also Being Overworked... My Boss Called Me On My Scheduled Day Off To Come Into Work... Like Thier Are Other People U Can Call. Why Is It Alway's Me?? I Did One Favor I Woke Up At 4:30 A.M. For Her. And Now She Think's That She Call On Me Whenever. I Want A Private Life Outside Of My Worklife.. But I Can't Seem To Get It. I'm Compelling Intrusive Thought's... Constantly And I'm Just In A State Of Full Blown Crying And Saddness. Because Of My Stress. She's Definitely Going To Call Again Tomorrow Like I Work Fri Leave Me Alone. " ° Sincerely, ☆☆☆• S.K.• ☆☆☆ #Thought 's

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Took a mental health day today from work. #Work #HealthCare #panic #Stress #LungCancer

Had medical and financial stuff to do and needed more than a two day weekend to do it. And needed a weekday to make phone calls during busines hours.
So still worried about things medical,health, financial and future planning.
But i got some sleep. Yay me.

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Stressful, depressing time.

It's been a particularly stressful week for me for a multitude of reasons. One, morale at work has gotten low. Because I work as an Activities Coordinator for a private care home, normally it is very rewarding but lately, I've been feeling as if it's not enough.
Also, my boss, one of the nicest people I've worked with, was driven to tears by the difficult family of one of the residents who thinks we are not doing enough and that creates an impact on everyone else. Because of my autism, trying to process everything can sometimes, like now, make me sick from being overstressed. It's also affecting my work performance as well as I struggle to fulfil some tasks for events I need to plan. Also, my home life is difficult which only adds to things. It's just this week has been low and I feel so numb about it. Luckily, I'm meeting a lot of friends at the weekend for a get-together so that will take my mind off things and hopefully next week will be better.

I just needed to get some things off my chest that others on here would understand. It's great to be a part of this community and any support would help. Please and Thanks. 👍👍👍

#AutismSpectrumDisorder #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Despression #Stress #Work

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Mental Health at work: Is it really ok, to not be ok?

It’s a phrase I am sure we have all heard, ‘it’s ok to not be ok’. And as someone who advocates for mental health and who has a bipolar diagnosis, I am the first to admit there are times I have not been ok. But how comfortable are we sharing that in the workplace? And who here has not been ok, but not felt able to voice that at work?

I have been through some real low points in my life on my journey to balanced mental health, I have been in the darkest moments and still wiped the tears, put on concealer and walked into the office like I am ok because I know that taking time off will be seen as weakness and that my manager would judge me for it. So instead I go in pretending that I didn’t cry the whole night, that every breath I took didn’t hurt and that I wasn’t clinging to life by a fingertip. And in the process I have been pushing myself closer to exhaustion and closer to the edge which inevitably once I slip off it is a long climb back up. That may seem extreme but the truth is that I have been honest in the past, I have said ‘actually I am feeling incredibly depressed and anxious and I just need to have a few days to sleep, to walk, to stop the cycle’ and I have been made to feel like a liability and I, despite having low absence, have felt like it has hung over me ever since. In the past it certainly hasn’t been ok to say I am not ok without significant impact on my career. I am lucky to now have grown as a person and in my acceptance of my mental health and its limits, but also to have an employer that makes me feel empowered to be who I am and that has been down to some amazing managers too.

The truth is we ALL have mental health, we can all be honest and say we have good days and we have days where we just aren’t doing so well. For some those bad days might be debilitating, for others they may be able to fake it through and for a lucky few it might just be a bad day and tomorrow will be good again. But although a lot of how someone recovers from those bad days is down to themselves seeking help and support or knowing self care, the reaction and support of employers plays a vital role in their recovery or ability to return to work.

When someone is brave enough to disclose they are not doing ok, in our personal lives we all want to be that person that can support, we all want to be that person who is there for someone in their lowest moments and give them hope to get through the day. I doubt many of us would roll our eyes and think, what a pain! But how many of us can say the same in the workplace?

So we probably all agree that if a friend or loved one was struggling we would want to help. But here is the issue, what would you think if someone said that they were struggling with their mental health to you as a manager? Would you see the strength of someone who is aware of their mental health and able to be honest and open? Or would you see weakness? Something you don’t know how to handle? Maybe even a lame excuse from someone not cut out for the job? Or would you maybe think about the issues their absence causes you? The cost of absence, the inconvenience of rearranging meetings, finding cover or covering workload? The problem is it is not just a case of agreeing or accepting time off, it’s giving that person the reassurance, hope and belief that not only do you care about them as an employee but you want them to know there is no judgement and you support them.

I have experienced both types of managers and no suprise which one I had more respect for and flourished under.

Chasing someone for a return date, telling them how inconvenient it is, giving them the cold shoulder, refusing to invest in their development or being angry or even discussing or threatening performance management is not going to get that employee back to work quicker. Instead you are adding to their anxieties, their feeling of hopelessness and to their despair and they are more likely to have extended absence. Not only that, but you are treading a fine line that I personally see as morally and ethically questionable and certainly unlikely to generate a healthy, happy workforce. Mental illness should not be treated differently to physical illness, and it also should be considered whether or not their mental health condition is a protected characteristic and as such protected by law.

Businesses need to start thinking of mental wellbeing as part of their workplace offer. Training mental health first aiders, having access to assistance programs, training for line managers and having a culture of open conversations about mental health all will help. Where my manger has offered support, talked openly about mental health and given me the respect to manage my condition myself and seek support where needed I have had fewer absences, my work is of a higher quality, I am more engaged and I am happier in my workplace. We all benefit from that! Productivity is higher, engagement is higher, career development is more sustained and progressive and objectives are met.

So maybe we should ve asking ‘is it ok not to be ok in my workplace?’ and if the honest answer is no maybe its time to address that. Maybe the conversation shouldnt stop at ‘its ok not to be ok’ perhaps it should be followed by ‘what do you need? how can I help?’.

As mangers we are part of the answer to that question and as human beings we have a responsibility to our fellow humans to make a world that is kinder.

#MentalHealth #Work #Workplace #Anxiety #Bipolar #Bipolar2 #BipolarDepression #Depression #MoodDisorders #mentalwellbeing

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Working with BPD

Hey my fellow Bordis🌻
Disclaimer: I'm not a native English speaker🙈

I'm currently searching a new job, maybe in a different sector. I wanted to ask you what experiences you made at your workplace with BPD or which work sector you would recommend to research.

I'm on sick leave for a month. I'm currently suffering with a Identity crisis again and other symptoms,especially OCD, are getting pretty bad. To be honest, managing Recovery with new meds, having a personal life and working at the same time is overwhelming me at the moment and I don't know if a month on sick leave will be enough to get to work again. It's the second time this year, that I'm one or two months in sick leave because of BPD and it's stressing me out. I work part time with fixed working hours as a assistant of a child with Autism in daycare. I like my job and to work in the social sector. But I understand the point of my psychiatrist that I have alot of social contact with people especially caring for a child with autism, that can be overwhelming with BPD and maybe the wrong job. I worked at different Workplaces. I don't know where to start or to research what kind of jobs there are which are good for someone with BPD. I know there is no perfect Job, but maybe one thats better for me.

Greetings from Germany🦋✨

#BPD #OCD #Work #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety

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#Work #horriblepeople #MentalHealth

So you finally start feeling a bit better about yourself and then a stranger wipes that all away. I work as a property lawyer and am part qualified, get spoken to like a client who is a DOCTOR like I don't know what I'm doing because they don't understand the process and I am not a mind reader! I would never tell a Doctor how to do their job because I am not qualified to do so!!!! I honestly feel like these days there are way too many nasty, unthoughtful and stupid people out there who push others to the edge and don't bat an eyelid - what is with this world and its tolerance of abuse.

Rant over!

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