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    Work life balance

    I recently lost my job at a bank. I’m fine. It was really stressful at times. I’m going to take some time off to spruce up my resume and want to go back to school. #Stress #Work #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Insomnia

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    Probation periods on jobs

    I think jobs need to revisit probation periods for jobs. Not being able to take off until 3 months or a year is a bit extreme. Perhaps giving folks the flexibility will change the climate of a job. Probation periods can feel like a punishment at some jobs. I get it you want stability so do I. There has to be a better way to do things.

    #Jobs #Flexibility #probation #healthty #Work #Environment

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    Feeling guilty - medical leave

    My medical leave from work (mental health reasons) started yesterday. In my office, I have been the second in command, but work side by side with my boss every day. I know that she has also been so stressed about the situations at work that led to my taking leave.
    I feel guilty that I am leaving her to deal with everything alone, and that makes me feel like I don't deserve to care for myself during my time off. I have so much shame as well that I wasn't good enough or well enough or strong enough to cope with my job.
    I am worried all these negative emotions are going to take over my time off so that I won't have a benefit from it.

    #MedicalLeave #Guilt #Shame #Selfcare #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #Work #CheckInWithMe

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    I just got approved for a medical leave from work

    I recently started working with a career counselor and her number one recommendation to me was to take a medical leave from work. I have always been a reliable and committed employee and this has been a difficult concept to wrap my mind around. The problem is, by being reliable and committed to work I have absolutely nothing left over for me and my personal life has become a black hole.

    I was so so so anxious about speaking with my doctor about this. I have actually been unofficially boycotting him since last fall (he didn't know that) mainly because I just don't feel heard by him. He also doesn't seem properly equipped to deal with mental health concerns, and in particular completely ignores comments about feeling suicidal.

    But I did it. I booked an appointment with him, I said what I had to say, and I even asked follow up questions (not that he was very helpful with those). He didn't argue or push back, but agreed very easily, which was a surprise. I asked for one month, and he wrote a letter asking for two months.

    I have to tell my boss now and I am so anxious about it. I know this is going to devastate and crush her, especially with the particular projects going on at work right now, but I can't keep destroying myself in order to not destroy her. (I am second in command in our office, so we work together extremely closely.) The leave starts tomorrow, so I have to go in today and wrap things up.

    I have never done anything like this before, but it has been a long, slow decline for the past decade and I have reached a very low point. I don't like the idea of being on a list somewhere as having taken time off for health reasons because I feel like that will be a black mark against me for future employers, even though they are legally not allowed to discriminate against me for this. I feel simultaneously like a failure and like I have been set free. It's going to be a big adjustment.

    #CheckInWithMe #MedicalLeave #Work #Employment #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #Undiagnosed #change

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    Back to work again + #MedicalLeave ?

    I've been sick for the past ten days (sinus infection) and took all of last week off work. Now I have to go back tomorrow and my anxiety is quite high. My whole body is aching and sore and I have a headache. It's like my body is saying, "Noooooo!"
    I know that everything will be significantly behind and piled up because even before I got sick, my boss was away so I was covering both our positions. I feel so stressed just thinking about it.
    I had my first session with my new career counselor today. She very quickly recognized significant symptoms of burn out and her recommendation is to get a doctor's note for a medical leave of at least a month in length. I have already been thinking about quitting my job, so this throws another option into the mix.
    Since the beginning of the year, I took one week off for vacation and now two weeks off (the other was in January) for illness. That means I have worked for 5 weeks out of 8 weeks in 2023. And I'm so exhausted! I need to make a plan for leaving this job as soon as possible.

    #Anxiety #Depression #Burnout #MentalHealth #Job #Work #Career #Counseling #MedicalLeave #Quit #tired

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    ☆ " So Today Was A Bad Day... These Customer's Think That They Can Do Whatever They Want... " ☆ #Depression

    × " So I Had An Older Lady Come In To Order Food With Her Husband... The Husband Handed Me $20 To Pay For Thier Food... And The Wife Kept Claiming That She Had Given Me A $50 Bill... Which Was Not True... Then She Started Accusing Me Of Pocketing The Money... I Told My Boss.. Even My Boss Was Like We Don't Have A $50 Bill In Our Cash Drawer... And Then As The Day Went On I Had 2 Customer's Coming In Demanding Margarita's.. To Go... But Our Policy Say's That Customer's Need To Purchase A Food Item's With A Margarita's... These Customer's Got Mad At Me And Yelling At Me.. Well We Went Through The Drive-Thru... And We Alway's Get Margarita's Without A Food Purchase... Well Idk Where They Are Getting This Information... But We Don't... And Now I Work With 3 New People And My Boss Treat's Nicer Than The One's Who Have Work There Longer... These Younger People Get To Go Home Early... And Get Free Food.. And The Rest Of Us Have To Pay For It??? ... Cab You Say " Favoritism " And " Double Standard's "... • #nightmare #Work Depression ~SKAOI KVITRAVN~

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    ° " So Yeah I Went In To Work And Yeah Like Alway's Get Asked Question's ... " • #Update

    × " So I Guess I'm Getting My Hour's Cut Which Is What I Started With... When I Began Working For T.C. My Schedule Is Now Hopefully 4 Day's Of Work 3 Day's Off.. We Will See This Lady Forget's Though... Also I Almost Passed Out At Work.. Because The Store Was Extremely Hott.. " • #Work ☆☆☆Skaoi Kvitravn ☆☆☆

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    • " Tomarrow I'm Going To Get An Ear Full Of People.. " • #Work Not Understanding #MentalHealth

    ° " So When I Walk In Tomarrow Morning... The 1st Thing I'm Going To Hear Where Were You???? Why Don't You Answer Me???? ... And Get Called Lazy Etc... From These People... My Lower Back And Now Hip... And Sciatica Pain Have Been Giving Me Issue's.. Not To Mention My Mental Health Continuing To Unravel... Hello I Don't Alway's Have To Be There... She Didn't Advise Me That I Had 3 Day's Off... So I Went To Work On Wed.. And She Has A Fit Today... Just Because I Wanted A #MentalHealth Day... Tbh People Don't Like Cooking Meal's Anymore And Would Rather Blow $$$ On Restaurant's That Are Overcharged And Super Expensive... The Menu At My Work Is Expensive Now... And This Restaurant That I'm Working For Has Alot Of Negative Complaining From Customer's... And She Doesn't Get Why I Hate Doing The Register... It's Too Stressful... They Need To Chill Out They Act Like I Miss Work Alot.. " ° Sincerely ○•○Skaoi Kvitravn○•○ #MentalHealth

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    ☆" EXHAUSTED!!! " #Work #depession #Burnout

    ° " Well I Didn't Know I Was Supposed To Be Off Today... My Boss Told Me That She Had Put Me... Off Mon -Tues... Apparently I Was Off Today Too But I Went Into Work Anyway's... My Male Boss Asked Me To Please Stay.. So I Stayed And Helped Out.. Atleast He Actually Respect's Me And Give's Me My Lunch Break's... My Main Boss Never Give's Me Lunch Break's... He Was Very Greatful That I Showed Up On Accident... And Alway's Ask How I'm Feeling And Doing... Which I Never Get From My G.M... I'm Supposed To Work Tomarrow But I'm Not Going In I'm In Pain And In Need Of Sleep.. I Told Him Today That This Job Is Making Me Feel Very Burnout And That I'm Looking For Somewhere Else To Go... " ° #Burnout ▪︎¤▪︎Skaoi Kvitravn▪︎¤▪︎

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    × " Why??? I'M I ALWAY'S THE SOLUTION TO THIER PROBLEM'S !! " × #NeedyPeopleAtWork

    × " So Yesterday And Today Are My Day's Off... They Will Probably The Only One's That I Get... Anyway's... Just Now My Boss Texted Me To Come Into Work... And Of Course I Didn't Answer Back... She Alway's Doe's This Shit To Me... All The Time.. I Keep Telling Them To Train More People... So That This Doesn't Happen... Whatever I'm In Very Bad Pain Because Of The Cold... Figure It Out... " • Sincerely, ° Skaoi Kvitravn ° #Work

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