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Add a Little Humor

#Laugh #thinkhappythoughts #happy #Motivated #keepgoing

Sometimes you have to add a little humor to serious situations. In my case, I have found it is the best way to push myself in a direction of healing when something traumatic occurs. I would much rather find a little something to smerk, smile, grin, chuckle, giggle, or laugh about than having nothing at all.

I often worry about things that do not ever occur. Then there are times where a large change occurs and I find myself nerve-racking for days. But a little bit of humor goes a long way. Just like the photo of #MeleniaTrump , it reminds me about taking a political situation and make jokes. I take jokes from both sides. Being too serious causes big problems for people, especially myself.

I am feeling pretty good tonight. It is 11:20pm on 10/19/2020. Where ever you are at this time, I hope you are well. Whatever time you read this, I pray you are doing well. I hope that tomorrow you have a fantastic day. I hope tonight you #Sleep well. Add a little laugh to your night or your day, and #keepmovingforward .


Choices #choices

Every choice that we make, no matter how small - reinforces the perception of #control and self-efficacy. And when we feel we are in control, we feel #Motivated - as to #motivate ourselves, we must feel in control.
Even if making a decision delivers no benefit, we still want the #freedom to #choose .
If you are struggling to complete something, some task - then CHOOSE to do the most interesting part of the task first.

When things are at their most measurable, WE should ask each other questions that begin with "WHY" - this helps in linking something hard to a choice we care about - and then it makes the task easier.
But if you want a mere escape, you want diversions - then the more choices you will be given or you'll seek for, the less satisfied you'll feel. And then you must be able to choose what you want to give up.
What are your #Thoughts on it?

P.S. This piece of writing has been #inspired by the #Book , The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. If you want answers to your own 'why we do, what we do', then this book is a must read.
Your comments are welcome.

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#Motivation #monday

it's motivational monday!! what keeps you motivated?
I really have a hard time being/ staying motivated but for me it's training my #ServiceDog Luke,
for me the one thing I'm doing to help me stay motivated is filling out a motivational day planner, taking my goals and breaking them down into small achievable steps
so what helps keeps you
#Motivated #ServiceDog #ChronicPain #Fatigue #Fibro #Depression #Anxiety #COPD


Trying To Stay #Motivated

I left a toxic job environment for a shiney, new job in the city. It paid more and challenged me from the start. I was excited to wake up and head to work. I loved my schedule (6am to 3pm). And the commute wasn't too bad.

Two weeks after I start, they announce that my job is being eliminated and our office is closing in favor of an office outside of Boston. This blindsided everyone. Over 200 jobs were being eliminated by Dec 31st.

I am not stressed over finding a new job. I really consider it an inconvenience more than anything. I am really devastated over how excited, gung ho and happy the whole office seemed until this EMAIL was sent out regarding the lay off. In interviews (I did four), the company was touted as GROWING and that it's presence in our city was for the LONG HAUL. They talked up a supposed contract with the city for tax cuts if they promised 5 years.

But the company didn't take the tax cuts. They knew they weren't going to remain in my city. They hyped us up, tricked us into given them our loyalty and ideas on how to build a proper support center. Now they're setting us out on the curb.

I'm not going to be eligible for unemployment and the severance will be minimal. I am just trying to keep myself together to find another job. It's so hard not to lay down and die. If I get a new job, what does it matter? That new place could be just as awful as my previous place and blindside me worse than my current place. There is no stability and I hate it. Temporary living situations drive me to suicide.

#Depression #Work #laidoff #lostmyjob

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Something new/ a change

You know those random times where suddenly out of nowhere you have so much motivation to actually make the changes in you’re life that you need. Yh I’m kinda having that atm. I decided that I need to lose weight BUT instead of calling it a diet I’m just calling it a lifestyle change and instead of going gym I’m walking home from work instead getting an Uber and walking my dog for an extra 15-30mins etc.
I feel like the words diet and gym cause to much pressure but small lifestyle changes are just what’s needed and maybe from there I will eventually join a gym who knows.
Other than that I’m job hunting to as my current job makes me unhappy. I FINALLY sent of for my ID which I’ve needed for 3 years!!
Just small things to make life better really
Oh I’m also saving up to do my driving license and get a car. I need the freedom to drive wherever I want.
Let’s hope this motivation lasts a while cos I sure need it.
#Motivated #BPD #BPDDiagnosis #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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Monday Motivation

My personality makes it too heavy to be on someone's shoulders. That's why I carry myself, will sure do it with ease :)

The toughest battles aren't fought with others. It's fought with yourself. Emerge as the winner. Start the fight as the winner.

#Motivated #monday #kickass #fightingit #toughfights #goget

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Not worth sharing? The morning non-stop #ParadeofThoughts

Was going to write about how when I wake up, I’m never able to go back to sleep, even when it’s an option, even when it’s one of the rare days I actually WANT to sleep in. Can’t do it. Takes less than a minute for my brain to go “oh, it’s morning?” to beginning the list of things I have to do, the things I want to do, the ways I might manage to mess them up anyway, what I *should* have said last night, and so on. After that there’s no going back. I could lay in bed another 4 hours but not get a wink of sleep. The wheels on this perpetual cog are turning and won’t stop until they fall off from exhaustion. And of course I never know when that will happen because I never know what sort of ME I’ll get today. #depressed ? #Motivated ? #empty ? #Irritable ? Or the elusive #SeeminglyContent (yet still terrified that it will go away at any minute)...or most likely all of the above?

I started my writing above with “Was”, because my initial thought of course was that whatever I have to say is probably boring. Probably irrelevant. Probably a complaint being heard by others who have admittedly far more challenging hurdles to face.

Then I wrote anyway. Because I want to be stronger than my #SelfDoubt . Because maybe this will resonate with someone just like so many others’ postings have resonated with me. And the icing on the cake is that taking the time to write this little rambling has provided me with about 30 lovely minutes of internal peace. I’ll take it. Good morning to you all.

(Also hoping I can share this beautiful and appropriate illustration I found by giving proper credit)