I am on a 50 mcg patch and would like to come off of it completely. I did, once before, a very slow taper over several months with no noticeable withdrawal symptoms. I went back on the patch later, as the particular pain it helps got to be too much and at the time I just wanted it to stop vs trying other options. That one pain is the only thing the Fentanyl helps with. Not any of my fibro pain or neuropathy pain or anything.
The difference in coming off this time is that last Fall, due to a combo of errors on the part of the dr office/pharmacy/ins co, I was off cold turkey for almost a week. The withdrawal was horrendous and the meds they gave me to help did nothing at all (clonodine & Phenergan.) I used breathing, focusing and music to barely get through with my sanity.
Ever since then I have been very sensitive to withdrawal symptoms, and have needed the patch more often (every 60 hrs vs 72.) My pain dr was on board with that as of November. But I saw an NP today who was not. I agreed to try to start coming off the patch, which is what I ultimately want, but am freaked out about the withdrawal process. I could really use some support from anyone who has been there!
Here’s the plan:
Continue to use the 5mcg/72hr patch. When withdrawal symptoms start (usually after 52-60 hrs) start taking 2mg clonidine & 25mg phenergan, upto every 3 hrs. After 3 doses, if still feeling symptoms, try a dose of lofexidine (Lucemyra.) Hopefully that will get me to the point of putting a new patch on. Because it takes about 6hrs for the patch to start working, I may need to continue the meds until then.
I will also be taking CBD oil during all of this, as it seems to sometimes help stretch the patch effectiveness time.
If you haven’t been through withdrawal, there is just no way for me to describe it. It is the most awful feeling in the world. Not pain so much as wanting to claw out of my skin. Beyond miserable. And hoping the new med works, the 2nd one, because the other never did.
I have just gotten to a place, after a liver/kidney transplant 16mos ago, where I was starting to get some strength back and actually feel better. I’m not sure I’m strong enough to do this, but I kinda have to. If I can cut back to the 25mcg patch, that would be huge.
I am terrified. Truly. I have a strong faith, but in the midst of withdrawal it is still very lonely.
I’m supposed to change my patch tomorrow (Tuesday) night. I anticipate the withdrawal to start around dinner time and will have meds ready then.
I would love to talk with those who have been through this, or have loved ones who have even. and if you know of a better place for me to get support, please share!


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