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I Have Done Well For My First Week in School - Week 1/75 Done!

1. I attended all of my virtual classes.
2. I submitted all of my assignments.
3. I participated in all of my virtual classes.
4. I registered for virtual classes to begin with.
5. I added my courses on Google Drive.
6. I added my courses on Google Calendar.
7. I took notes in all of my virtual classes.
8. I began working on a revised documentary film project.
9. I joined all of the WhatsApp groups for my classes.
10. I got adequate rest to prepare for my courses and assignments.
11. I adjusted my diet to prepare myself energetically.
12. I moved my contacts from whatsapp to line, telegram, and Viber to reduce confusion.
13. I signed up for MS Teams.
14. I set up my outlook account.
15. I downloaded the MS Teams application.
16. I signed up for the NUST CMS.
17. I signed up for the NUST LMS.
18. I downloaded the NUST app for parents and students.
19. I downloaded the NUST GPA calculator app.
20. I made the correct decision not to represent my class at student affairs to protect my wellbeing.
21. I made the correct decision not to enrol in student clubs to protect my wellbeing.
22. I submitted all of my assignments on time.
23. I was on time for all of my classes.
24. I was on time for my meeting with the exam department.
25. I was on time for my supposed class on campus.
26. I was communicative about issues I faced with technology.
27. I was helpful to a classmate in need of assistance.
28. I was helpful to a classmate who had asked for clarifications.
29. I was quick to solve any technological issues that came up.
30. I was quick to solve any interpersonal issues that came up.
31. I was cooperative with requests.
32. I was supportive of a classmate.
33. I meditated.
34. I had self hypnosis.
35. I listened to healing music.
36. I played stress management games.
37. I wrote about student stress.
38. I addressed college stress in support groups.
39. I managed to stand up for myself.
40. I managed to stand up for my family.
41. I managed to get outside for some fresh air.

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My Name is Cielo, I Am a Leiomyosarcoma Survivor

My cancer Journey

Hello, world! I am glad to share again my story as a Leiomyosarcoma survivor. If you see me as a strong woman today, I was the opposite 3 years ago and even more years before I was diagnosed with cancer.

I may say that I used to be a timid girl, grew up like a lady with low self-esteem and developed into a more anxious person.

But today, I love being the strong me that I am today. I can hold my head up high and confidently say that I am proud of how far I’ve come.

Here is another fact which is not a secret to many of us, most people see what’s on the outside. Some of them are amazed at how resilient I am (even myself is amazed how could I do that even until today). But, there are still some days that

I don’t feel great, even after cancer.

It was 2nd February 2016 when I underwent cancer surgery. I was 29 years old, in a month, I was turning 30. Before I can celebrate my birthday, my doctor Tung Luong Minh, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, declared my final biopsy was a Leiomysarcoma, Grade 2, tumor size was 2.607 cm and I was in need to have immediate radiation therapy to complete my treatment.

I was in total shock and speechless when the doctor delivered the bad news to me. As my doctor continued to explain that my cancer is a rare disease that no one knows much about it even its causes.

I never heard the word sarcoma in my entire life. I was all alone when I visited my doctor and left his clinic sobbing quietly.

Due to too many expenses I spent during my surgery, I decided to go back home to the Philippines. But before I was able to get my treatment, I went to Hong Kong for 2 weeks.

My doctor was anxious because I was supposed to prioritize my treatment than traveling. I am lucky that my doctor allowed me but reminded me not to delay my radiation therapy. He was too kind to remind me even I was in Hong Kong already, trying to find myself and peace of mind in another foreign country.

In Hong Kong, I lived my days as if I had no cancer ever. It was great! It was the first official execution of living life to the fullest and in the present moment.

How My cancer Change Me?

I’ve been in remission for 3 years and 4 months. My radiation therapy ended last 10th June 2016. I could never be happier when I finally finished my treatment. I was so ready to continue my life, being alive and healthy again.

But what happened after my treatment was the opposite in how I used to daydream. My sudden excitement died down. I went back to Ho Chi Minh empty and clueless. I stayed away from the friends I used to chat, hang out and see. I never told anyone that I was back home. I was treating my wound due to too much radiation that burnt my skin after my cancer treatment.

I was anxious and started to feel depressed without knowing that I was suffering PTSD. I passed through this stage for 5 months but in these months of feeling being in a dark isolated world, I was struggling to leave.

I was crying uncontrollably and I was being misunderstood by a few people why

I was being too emotional without any reason at all.

In fact, I didn’t understand myself as well. It just made me feel so guilty after some people tried to pull their selves away from me or cut me out from their life.

And then I thought, I have been battling with myself that I need to win against my dark thoughts and conflicting emotions.

Meditation helped me to relax my anxious mind and get out through these. It took time for me to be able to meditate effectively. Again, another struggle how could I make this work for me.

With patience, consistency, and persistence – I was able to make meditation as a habit that gradually took me out from a dark and isolated space.

Until today, meditation has contributed to my daily hustle. Although people may see me strong and full of energy – but I am not that all the time.

Being strong isn’t always that easy or fun; yet, a great reward is waiting in the long run with a glass of red wine. Cheers!


What does bone marrow death mean?

Hi, I am a 13-year cancer survivor of leiomyosarcoma. As part of my treatment, I had 6 weeks of therapeutic radiation. This year, my follow-up MRI showed two lesions in my bone marrow. Yesterday, during a bone-marrow biopsy, I was told that my bone marrow had died in the area of the lesions. I was in pain and did not ask the doctor questions. Does bone marrow death mean necrosis? Is this a harmless artifact of my radiation therapy? Could it be a secondary cancer? Thanks for any ideas.


Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone else gets scared when they start feeling sick?

I have leiomyosarcoma which is a soft tissue cancer (terminal). It is presently in my liver and around my stomach.  All day I have had basically an upset stomach.  Ate ok, soup, toast, things I feel I can keep down ok.  It's just that everytime I start feeling bad, I get scared that this could be the beginning of the end.  I know better, but...

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Feeling a bit alone right now.