Its not my issues they dont involve me but they happen around me and effects the people around me. It still hurts me. The one thing I absolutely dislike about my family is the greed and the arguments. The way they stay mad with somone and take it out on everyone else. The way they expect me to do things though they tell me to do them instead of ask me. I want to get out. I honestly have been suffering here since 2016. I have a permit but havent gotten the chance to actually drive. I know I'll be starting my online classes in about a week. It will hopefully keep me busy till May. And with that I'll get my associates. I really want to work but no one wants an "inexperienced" person. Though I've had years of experience working at my family owned business. I just feel stuck today and like theres a gloomy fog above me. But I need to be like a lighthouse and shine my light through the fog. #lifeathome #Family #Drama