☆ " I Can't Get Up In The Morning Out Of Bed... And I Can't Even Shower Myself Without Losing My Balance... I Have Huge Scar's On My Ankle's And Feet... My Feet And Ankle Bone's Are Very Noticeably Deformed.. My Back Is Also Deformed From My # Scoliosis... I'm In So Much Pain... 24/7... That I Can't Do The Thing That I Want To Do In My Life... Because Of My Chronic Pain.. Is Alway's At 8-10 Level Severe... So I Wouldn't Wish This Disabilty On Anyone.. It's Hard Enough To Fake My Limp And My Chronic Pain... I Cry Every Fucking Day... No I Don't Feel Sorry For Myself... I'm In Terriable Pain... I Wish That Human's Could Understand That... When I'm In My Pain Level Of 10+ Med's Don't Help... Weed Only Take's The Pain Away If It's A Higher Dose Like 2 Gummie's Worth Of Pain Relief. If I Can't Walk I Litterly Have To Use A Cane Or Craw On My Hand's And Knee's To Get To The Bathroom.. I Get Verbally Abused Daily At My Job... Because Of People... I'm Not Lazy I Work Hard For The Money That I Earn... My Body Cannot Handle Being Overworked. Because Of My Tight Muscle's... They Feel Like Ripping And Peeling Being Pulled On A Strecher... It's The Most Painful Thing Ever.. And The Other Feeling Pin's And Needle's On My Feet... I Can't Even Get Proper Sleep Because Of My Pain.. " ☆ #LifeStruggle 's #disabilty ☆ SKADI ☆