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#CerebralPalsy what are the three things you would want people to know about CP this month?

In honor of it being Cerebral Palsy awareness month what are the three things you wish people knew about CP?

Here are my three

Cerebralpalsy is the condition, not a disease Cerebral Palsy just doesn't end in childhood. It continues on. We have voices and we matter #CerebralPalsy #disabilty

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× " People Don't Seem To Realize How Hard It Is To Work With A Disabilty Like # Cerebral Palsy #Bekind

☆ " I Can't Get Up In The Morning Out Of Bed... And I Can't Even Shower Myself Without Losing My Balance... I Have Huge Scar's On My Ankle's And Feet... My Feet And Ankle Bone's Are Very Noticeably Deformed.. My Back Is Also Deformed From My # Scoliosis... I'm In So Much Pain... 24/7... That I Can't Do The Thing That I Want To Do In My Life... Because Of My Chronic Pain.. Is Alway's At 8-10 Level Severe... So I Wouldn't Wish This Disabilty On Anyone.. It's Hard Enough To Fake My Limp And My Chronic Pain... I Cry Every Fucking Day... No I Don't Feel Sorry For Myself... I'm In Terriable Pain... I Wish That Human's Could Understand That... When I'm In My Pain Level Of 10+ Med's Don't Help... Weed Only Take's The Pain Away If It's A Higher Dose Like 2 Gummie's Worth Of Pain Relief. If I Can't Walk I Litterly Have To Use A Cane Or Craw On My Hand's And Knee's To Get To The Bathroom.. I Get Verbally Abused Daily At My Job... Because Of People... I'm Not Lazy I Work Hard For The Money That I Earn... My Body Cannot Handle Being Overworked. Because Of My Tight Muscle's... They Feel Like Ripping And Peeling Being Pulled On A Strecher... It's The Most Painful Thing Ever.. And The Other Feeling Pin's And Needle's On My Feet... I Can't Even Get Proper Sleep Because Of My Pain.. " ☆ #LifeStruggle 's #disabilty ☆ SKADI ☆

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#disabilty #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PTSD #SocialSecurity

Happy Tuesday. Has anyone been denied by SSI? I applied but was denied. My therapist said I should be eligible. Anyway, I had to get a lawyer and appeal. Has anyone been denied then won the appeal. I’m so nervous.


What defines a disability?

My place of employment was brought by a corporation. Staff members had to fill out new paperwork. When the question of disability came up, I did not know how to answer. I’ve been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and there are times it affects my work and sometimes it does not. I’m lost on how to answer . #MajorDepressiveDisorder #disabilty #MentalHealth #Work

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I'm annoyed of the phrase "All the best and stay healthy"

It's normal that people say that to eachother, especially on birthdays, graduations, etc. but everytime I hear it I get pretty annoyed and sad. Why? Because it reminds me that I'm never gonna be healthy again (I'm chronically ill/disabled). It just ruins the moment for me. Anyone else from the disabled/chronic illness community feeling the same way? #ChronicIllness #chronic #Depression #sad #Disabled #disabilty #JuvenileIdiopathicArthritis #JIA #TheDisabledLife #Health #physicalhealth #MentalHealth #chronicdisease

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Fathers Day!
I just want to wish all the mighty’s out there a Happy Father’s if they are in heaven or in person! I hope you guys have fun today with your dads. What is few things that is something you love what your dad does? My dad does been really been helping me out when I have to go to doctor appointments since I cannot drive at all, he is really been on my side and really supportive whatever I’m doing.. like; my horse lessons/horse shows I have been doing and want to help out for any thing what my big heart wants to give out! #Epilepsy #cronichillness #Depression #RareDiseases #Deafness #disabilty


Anyone ever have to start all over to get the correct diagnosis? #disabilty #Disappointed #frustrated #confused

About 15 or so years ago I was diagnosed with a genetic disability (I'm adopted, just tested my genes) and was diagnosed with Adult Onset Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA4). In needing a current genetic test to show I have the genes to start a medication, text came back negative. SO we are starting ask over with testing to find out what I actual have.
#Disability #Disappointed #frustrated