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Claiming Victory as Our Son Who Uses a Wheelchair Heads to College

Today, I claim victory for myself, for my husband and for our son.

Today, I claim victory for all the mama and papa bears, aunties, uncles, foster parents and other grownups raising those out-of-the-box kiddos who, for whatever reason, struggle in the educational system.

Today, my almost 18-year old son, Amit completed his last final exam marking the conclusion of a 17-year, oftentimes harrowing journey through four educational systems in four cities and spanning two continents.

Today, the specifics of our story are not the focus.

Rather, I strive to strengthen you, the reader – you who are that grownup raising that child and coping with an educational system where anything but mainstream is considered a pariah.

Today, I thank the many “helpers” and try to forgive those who stood in our way or presented unnecessary obstacles.

Today, I assure you that luckily, there really are more “helpers” than “hinderers.”

Look for them.

Don’t give up and keep believing in your child.

Aim high.

Today, I celebrate Amit’s strength and resilience.

Born with a real bum leg but under a lucky star, the time has come for him to spread his wings.

Amit was awarded a five-year scholarship to study at the University of Texas at Arlington and play on the Moving Mavericks Wheelchair Basketball Team.

In two weeks, in the midst of this COVID-19 chaos, he is off to begin a new life chapter in a faraway land.

Fly high and steady, Amit.

…and always remember that the road home is the most welcoming.

This story originally appeared on Times of Israel.

Photo Credit: Bar Kallos

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