I don't like Mondays. I just don't.
Not all Mondays, but most.

Cliché? Perhaps, but many people do struggle with Sundays, knowing that Mondays are just a few hours away.

I always try to be as kind as possible to myself on a Monday and if I can, I allow myself some "me" time. I make sure I schedule in something that makes me happy.

You don't always have do what everyone else does. Cope in your own way. No-one's healing looks the same. That's what makes us unique.

Take a minute or ten. Be still, breathe and just be with yourself. You know what's best for you. Listen to your mind and body and learn to trust your inner voice.
It's definitely okay to look after your own needs.

#Treatyourself #breathedeep #listentoyourbody #Listentoyourmind #TakeaBreak