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#notamondayfan #TakeaBreak

I don't like Mondays. I just don't.
Not all Mondays, but most.

Cliché? Perhaps, but many people do struggle with Sundays, knowing that Mondays are just a few hours away.

I always try to be as kind as possible to myself on a Monday and if I can, I allow myself some "me" time. I make sure I schedule in something that makes me happy.

You don't always have do what everyone else does. Cope in your own way. No-one's healing looks the same. That's what makes us unique.

Take a minute or ten. Be still, breathe and just be with yourself. You know what's best for you. Listen to your mind and body and learn to trust your inner voice.
It's definitely okay to look after your own needs.

#Treatyourself #breathedeep #listentoyourbody #Listentoyourmind #TakeaBreak


Where to start? Intro! #breathedeep #jessywithwhy


Complex PTSD

*Physical disabilities
*Immune System compromised +

Autistic, Complex PTSD, Hashimotos, Fibro, Extreme physical dmg & pain due to pedestrian vs car accident as a 12 y/o child; fallout of 30+ years lacking care of self. Extremely empathetic, hypersensitive & aware while being obtusely unaware at the same time.

Gleaned lessons of many lifetimes, my own and culminated from those around me that I hold extreme love and appreciation for; no matter the role or the end result of things that have happened or occurred. I have wishes but I hold no regrets.
I hold no malice though I do hold anger. Anger that I am actively trying to work through, in a healthy way, for the first time in my life.
My breath - your breath - is *everything*. It's your complete control. I know. I know. That probably sounds just a touch hoaky - and if it's doesn't, that's fucking AWESOME! Cos it means you might just be one of my Kindred. What are my Kindred? You ask? Well, I'll explain, in time; but first, we have an AMAZING puzzling maze to get through…
Welcome to Jessy with Why.

Ps, I don't have paper degrees. My education is most all self/networking/people-watching/observation/from MY OWN experience, learned thinking and thoughts. None of which, I'm *certain* are original. I am a collector. I collect information AND, I collect people; for reason & purpose. Come to find out, I have for many many years now, I just -never- knew the reason WHY.

I'm coming closer to figuring THAT out too - and I'm excited to share it with you. Share MY journey and help YOUR help in getting there; even if you don't know you need it as 'badly' as it may look like I need to. Why would you do THAT? Do you ask? Well, the end reason being, (sorry, it's hard for idle chit chat so I try to get straight to the point, with as much jam-packed information knowledge -that's admittedly often side-tracked looking, but *IS* linked- as I'm able to shove in there at the same time, I swear!) because, with your helping me out, it AUTOMATICALLY helps YOU out. That's a win-win. Who DOESN'T like a win-win? Especially when one doesn't have a cost? Well, ok, I take that back. It's a lie. There IS a cost. The cost is something that's actually worth a LOT more than money though. Do you know what it is? Do you know what I'm going to ask for? I'm going to ask you for your TIME. Your time and MAYBE, if I'm as blessed as I believe that I am; if there IS truly, a reason that I have lived through the things that I've lived through, then that means that it might just cost you some of your energy, too…

My base belief, I think, though it might change, it often has, is that controlling your breath can control your pain; with the potential of removing it & letting it go.

Let's talk more - shall we?

💜🦚🐲 Jessy with Why
(purple heart icon, peacock icon, dragon icon)

(To be continued…)
#HashimotosThyroiditis #FibromyalgiaDiagnosis   #Lipedema  #CPTSD   #Autistic #dissociativedisorders