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How to stop dissociating / staring at nothing for hours, unmoving?

In the last few days I've skipped over chunks of time, doing nothing. And I don't mean the 'doing nothing' where you're scrolling social media or re-watching a comfort tv show. I mean sitting, staring at the wall, not seeing the wall, not really knowing what you do see, but all of a sudden you decide to check the time and 2 hours have passed. You're not even sure if you were blinking. You don't know where you went. You don't feel... anything. Your arms aren't even there. You're looking at them, but they don't belong to you. YoUr arms don't look like that. Soon someone will notice your absence. You'd better move. Move. MovE. MOVE! ...And you're awake again.

What is this?
How can I fix it?

#Depression #Dissociating #numb #empty #PTSD #losingtime

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Blanking out #losing time

#losingtime how know if you are fading out, losing time because of an actual problem or understand that certain triggers can make you go crazy