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    Ovarian Fibroma

    I've just been diagnosed with an Ovarian Fibroma. I'm in alot of pain with it but my Dr won't give me anything stronger than tramadol. Anyway what is your experience with Ovarian fibroma and what treatment and investigations where done for you? I'd just like to know so I can prepare myself which will make me feel less anxious. I'm off to see the gynaecologist tommorow. #OvarianCyst #fibroma #Tumor #ovaries #HealthAnxiety #lump

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    I’ve been asleep again...

    I’m just all kinds of sick
    And there’s no rhyme or reason
    I’ve lost my health
    And we’ll never know
    If I can find it again
    Until I’ve found it again

    So do I hide until I’m better?
    It feels like the right thing
    Since there’s nothing left to be done
    I’ll crumble down to the lump I was already becoming and then slowly into stone
    As the world keeps passing by
    Aging and gracefully soaring through time

    I’ve been asleep again.
    Missing it all.

    #Hypersomnia #IdiopathicHypersomnia #Sleepyhead #Sleepy #hide #sleepdisorder #Narcolepsy #lump #missingout

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