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Cries of Innocent Tears

Tattered clothes and venomous grins

Screaming soul and helpless being

Oh, what sort of monsters are you #made of?

Who couldn’t see a pleading prey?

Sinful hands stripping the peel,

Suffocating it in its demonic grip,

How cruel can you be not to hear?

The screams and shouts and aching tears

It’s like the earth herself was crying,

Burning by the devil that she resides

Where are we heading to if not the hell?

Every day, an innocent soul is sold

Snatched by the hands of the beast,

Into the horror of a hollow pit

Humans, Animals and even the dead

What is this desperation that reeks in them?

Waves of fear now crumble us down,

We see, we hear, but nothing we do.

Oh, how are we going to face them too?

Is this what the hell feels like?

Even evil has some mercy inside.#

Sadly, how we sat there empty

With Humanity and Justice sobbing aside

Little souls who believe in dolls and dreams

When did they get trapped in this grim?

#dark #darkpoetry #sexualassualt #Depression

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Tough day #Almost over #made it through

Feeling let down by my family because they just seem to think that they have all the answers on what I should do to fix my life when I just wanted them to listen to how I feel.


#made it through the day

Today was my first day back to work after my 20 year old son passed away by suicide. He passed away August 23rd. Everyday is a struggle but I keep reading positive thoughts and with love of family and friends I'm doing the best I can.

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