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Disposable #medicaldiscrimination #MedicareQuotas #systemicelderabuse #qaly #daly #medicalgaslighting #disposablehumans #elderdiscard

In the past two years, I have been denied access to mental health care by 25 clinics in Oregon, 5 clinics in Nevada, and 2 in Kansas for being at their Medicare quotas. In the past, 5 months, I have received a formal dismissal letter from the ENTIRE Kansas University Physicians Network, received dismissive treatment by a doctor at Overland Park Regional Emergency Department who used the code word, GOMER (Get them Out of My ER) when speaking with an aid about me, AND, after a CT scan at Menorah Hospital in which they found a 5mm nodule in one of my lungs, discharged me with instructions to follow-up in ONE YEAR! No bronchoscopy, no biopsy.

I have called a State Ombudsman who told me to call the Governor's Advocacy Office because they only help with Medicaid. The Governor's Advocacy Office told me to call the Ombudsman's office for the same reason. I called NAMI and was told to make a report to the Federal Comptroller. I lodged a complaint with KU Patient Services and my Medicare Advantage plan Quality of Care department as well as with the State Board of Behavioral Arts and Sciences. I tried to hire an attorney through 3 different firms for a medical negligence case and was told there is a conflict between law and fact. The facts are I have extensive, detailed documentation. The law states it is legal for my healthcare to be deprioritized on the basis of QALYs and DALYs.

I am 61 years old, disabled, on SSDI and Medicare and feel I am being treated as if I am a disposable human whom society falsely perceives as no longer having anything of value to contribute and who should stop stealing air from those perceived as being worthy.


Literally yesterday I went to the doctor because of new symptoms which may or may not be part of my #Fibromyalgia . I get sudden bouts of severe dizziness, chest pain, and breathlessness. It's honestly been quite scary. And the only advice the doctor gave me was to lose weight. I'm sure if I was a thin person with fibro, the advice would be different. I'm worried about this scary shit, it could be something serious, and all I get is lose weight. I'm tired of being treated so poorly just because of my size (which honestly only happened because of #EatingDisorders I struggled with at a very young age). I'm fitter with better blood work than many of my thin friends but none of that matters when I need medical help. It's so wrong. And I'm so tired. #Fatphobia #medicaldiscrimination