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Prince William Reveals He Has Been Secretly Volunteering for U.K. Crisis Text Line

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What happened: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and a vocal supporter of mental health initiatives, recently divulged that he has been volunteering with Shout. Launched in May 2019, Shout is the first crisis text line of its kind in the United Kingdom. Both the Prince and Princess Kate have played a role in not only its establishment, but also in its vital mental health services.

In addition to Prince William’s work, the Princess has participated in “check in and chat” calls from those who are in COVID-19 isolation or vulnerable as part of the Royal Voluntary Service’s National Health Service Volunteer Responders program.

I’m going to share a little secret with you guys, I’m actually on the platform volunteering. — Prince William, CNN

The frontlines: The need for the U.K. initiative underscores a growing trend of worsening mental health during the pandemic, especially for those isolating and whose work has been deemed “non-essential.”

  • One study suggested 46% of those in the U.K. afraid for their livelihoods during the pandemic said that they were more now depressed or experienced a lower quality of life
  • Current anxiety and depression scores are higher than normal, with researchers noting depression and anxiety levels doubled immediately following the U.K.’s March 23 lockdown
  • Women have slightly more anxiety during the pandemic than men, with one study indicating that during the first week of lockdown, 25% of women compared to 18% of men reported significant signs of anxiety

A Mighty voice: Our contributor, Kyle Alexander, shared the deleterious impacts of COVID-19 on his mental health: “My depression has slowly gotten worse over the weeks. Then my anxiety kicks in because I panic about not doing anything, and so the vicious cycle continues.” You can submit your first person story, too.

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