I am now 73 and was diagnosed with UCTD about 3 years ago, but have had symptoms of extreme exhaustion, migratory arthritis and a very low WBC (1.8-2.0) since my late 30s. I’ve never met anyone like myself. I’ve been fortunate that one nightly Aleeve works like a miracle on this bizarre kind of arthritis, which can be excruciating and ean loss of use of the joint invovled for about 48 hours. I don’t mind it because it goes away. wMy doctor tried to treat the exhaustion with plaquenil, but I had an adverse reaction to it. I otherwise go untreated except Aleeve and prefer the symptoms I have to various strong meds. I do have scar tissue on my lungs, and work with a specialist at Cleveland Clinic for that (Interstitial Lung Disease), but the doctor said it’s to early to start steroids, much to my relief! Anyone have migratory arthritis or lung scar tissue with their UCTD? #UndifferentiatedConnectiveTissueDisease #MigtatoryArthritis #InterstitialLungDisease #LowWBC #LowWhiteCellCount