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Crocheting #Migraine fibromyalgia #Arthritis asthma #lots of other crap

Working on making crocheted sunflower coasters and a sunflower afghan

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Jobs with Chronic Illness

Im a freshman at college this year. A vocal music education major. And as of right now(on week 4) everything seems to be fine but im worried that the physical strain may be too taxing and due to the nature of music majors I wont have taken many credits that actually mean anything by the time i realize. Are there any teachers that can give me advice? Is it worth it to be an educator with chronic pain? Should i focus my energy on something of a slower speed? #Lupus #LupusNephritis #Arthritis

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9 months post operation # spinalfusion #Backsurgery

Hello i do hope you all are well. I needed to vent and get some advice!
In my case I'm not so lucky.
Before surgery my symptoms of pain were shooting down my legs, my lower legs and feet going numb, my facilities were slightly reduced(was peeing and pooing about 50% less then before) not able to walk to the bathroom,
. My procedure was said to take about 4.5 hours, it took 7.5 hrs they said nothing to my husband so he was stressed out. Then going into the Operating room we had been told it would be MINIMALLY INVASIVE,.
SO they replaced 2 disks l4 & l5 and open nerve facet holes, and do the fusion...
I had L3-L5 fusion but i believe something went wrong while in surgery for me. There are a few reasons why I think this.
My fusion was January 3 2023. When i woke up after SURGERY along my left side that was not cut open on , it felt as though i had a chemical burn along my side and my hip down to my knee, a large painful lump also on the left side my non opened side, the 2 incisions on my back not clean cut incisions, looks like a damn 5 year old cut my open and not even centered properly , then 2 other incisions 1 about pinky length the other about 6 inches long. Post operation now 8.5 months. I am left partially immobile about 50% of the time, imagining at 2 months showed that i had a NEW crack in L5. Still severe pain, my whole groin is f------numb. I am a married wife and mother. I have never been one to sit and do nothing I'm going crazy from pain. My husband tries to understand and at first had no understanding what i was going thru bc his back surgery was a success back in 2006. But it was just a disc removal.
I am at a loss of what to do. I need to find an attorney, but getting discouraged the few i had talked with would not take my case due to their large case load they already had


Lifelong Pain

I am 83 years old. I was born with Congenital Spondylolithesis. At 50 years I developed Fibromyalgia. Kept going; didn't let that slow me down for a few years. But getting older finally put the brakes on some things that I could no longer do. In the next 25/30 years I developed Occipital Neuralgia, mild arthritis. I now have 3rd stage arthritis in my neck shoulders and arms. I no longer am able to dress myself. Brushing my teeth is getting more difficult every day, as is showering and washing my hair. 3 years ago I was in a 3-car accident, me being the middle car. My car was totaled and I appeared to be uninjured. Several months later I was diagnosed with whiplash. I can honestly say that there is not one part of my body that is pain-free. Arthritis has really done a job on my feet. They hurt constantly. I am fortunate that I can navigate around the w/o my walker most days. Getting out of bed or up from a chair causes great pain in lower back, arms, and shoulders. I have had to give up piano playing (😢), crocheting, housekeeping, ironing, much of my cooking and baking (for myself and 88 year old husband, driving, going to church (benches are too low and I cannot get up from them). No social life whatsoever.....well, except for doctor appointments. This is not who I was nor is it how I ever imagined I would be. One thing I am though, is ANGRY!

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Depression Fatigue or RA Fatigue?

Hey all! I’ve been feeling better emotionally recently and I’m very grateful for that! Despite some rough patches along the road, I’ve been more enthusiastic and excited about certain opportunities in my life. This may sound like a silly question but: Does anyone else experience depression to the point where they sleep like a full day pretty much? I was told I had Rhemuatoid Arthiritis and I feel very fatigued at work, but it’s both mental and physical not just physical. A relative of mine who has MDD sleeps as long as I do but those in my family with similar arthritis conditions normally aren’t falling asleep for a whole day. Just wanted to know which it is! Thank you guys and happy Thursday :)

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is CamoGal45. I'm here because I definitely need extra help and someone to talk to at times. Having multiple mental illnesses and just being diagnosed in 2016 is still something my family and I are learning about. Yesterday was a very bad day. I am Bipolar 1 with mixed episodes with several other health issues including mental ones. I was suicidal yesterday kinda for a short period of time out of stupidity. I'm a much stronger person than that but over abundance over past dealth, trama, and if something that is bad news or worse that happens in the same day that one of those past events might've occured is to much for me to handle or try to process in one day. I am married but not happily. I seem to always turn to my male friends when I am in these break downs or when I need to talk period. Trust is a major major issue with me an opening up about anything is too. My 18 year old Son is the reason I live an breath everyday and will now look forward to my first Granddaughter in November/December. Look forward to meeting new people on here and any information an prior experiences that can help me. I know reading some at the very beginning of my diagnosis helped a lot. Also reading things here on the Mighty. The Mighty is definitely a great site and would give it 5 stars. Very informational and gets personal outcomes to help others, which in my opinion is a major start an first step at getting help.

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #Migraine #PTSD #OCD #Grief #HeartDisease #Arthritis #Schizophrenia #Addiction #PanicAttack #SkinCancer #Diabetes

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