Brick by Brick;
insurmountable walls.
The dust of freedom?
long gone.
My brain is the wall,
My lenguage the defense
and - my eyes are
the royals.

This is my first poem which is actually a few years old now and someone told me ny poems can't be interpreted. I agree, I was too scared someone could figure out what was wrong in my head that I wrote way to blurred.

But in my opinion this one is the simplest. It's about the idiom "the eyes are the mirror of the soul" and the me in the story is hiding her eyes because she is too scared too show her soul...there couls be someone understanding or misunderstanding. I do not know what is worse. "Language is the defence" because she is a sarcastic bitch too not get hurt. Pretty easy actually.

But there is the point: She build a insurmountable wall. It is insurmountable for other but also for her. Even if she would love to socialise...she just can't.

The text her is a mess..I hope at least a part is understandable. There a lot of questionable thoughts in my head right now.

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