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    A poem on feeling ignored by this planet | TW for ignorance and misrepresentation on different topics, swearing, the word k*ll (i)

    It hurts,
    It fucking hurts.
    It kills,
    It always did.
    Sad excuses left and right,
    Ignorance is left to bite…
    And Us.

    “Systems and plurals are crazy,”
    According to this planet.
    “There’s only men and women,”
    According to this planet.
    “There’s only heterosexuality,”
    According to this planet.
    “Sex define your gender identity,”
    According to this planet.
    “There’s only monogamy and monoamory,”
    According to this planet.
    “White folk deserve more than those of color,”
    According to this planet.
    “There’s only romance and friendship,”
    According to this planet.

    “Everyone’s autism is a disorder or disability,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “Neurodivergent folks are too loud,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “Fat folks are a joke,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “Sex and romance and love is natural among all beings,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “Adults can’t cry,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “Mental health is selfish,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “Trigger warnings are a joke,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “You should stop being poor and pay more,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “Everyone should identify as a human being and alterbeings, otherkin, and fictionkin folks are snowflakes and ‘cringe-worthy’,”
    According to this damn planet.
    “Anything that is not seen as ‘normal’ or not common should be stigmatized and criticized until it makes other folk want to closet themselves for eternity and be forced into this void of hell called “being like everyone else’,”
    According to this damn forsaken planet.

    Past mother’s self,
    Mentally abusive.
    Keeps me up,
    As thoughts are still intrusive.
    New mother’s self,
    No longer abusive,
    Past mother keeps me up,
    As they are still intrusive.

    Fuck ignorance.
    What’s it ever done to us?
    Take the Mars and Venus symbol,
    Combine them together,
    And destroy it altogether.
    Neither are truly me.
    Take the “human” label and wash it away,
    And don’t tell me I’m human,
    Else I will cry,
    I’ve cried too much.
    Alterbeings exist anyway.
    An alien hybrid trapped in this damn realm called Earth,
    I love space,
    I miss my home,
    It was much more quieter than here,
    Much more sensical than here,
    Much more reasonable than here,
    Much… less ignorant.

    Than here.


    I am a non-binary transmasc overweight individual who is part of a system/plural. My pronouns are he/they/it, and some others. I do not identify as a human, I am alterhuman/alterbeing, although I still identify as someone of color. I’m black/mixed. I have 6 non-romantic partners who I all love equally with my entire heart and are also part of the same system I’m a part of, they are as real as ever. Also, I despise my autism being called a disorder or disability.

    And I’m so sick of feeling ignored, and of what Earth had to offer for the past 20 years of my life on its ground. Thank you.

    #MyAutismIsNotADisorder #nonbinary #LGBTQIA #ignorance #Poem #Vent #TW #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #Alterhuman #otherkin #Racism #Capitalism #Trauma #Polyamory #system #plural #EndTheStigma #GenderIdentity #GenderDysphoria #MentalHealth #Awareness #earth #Homesick #StopSilencingUs

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    Everyday the ledge gives a little
    I sit near
    Watch piece by piece fall
    Fall into the flames that swallow them whole
    Nothing but ashes remain
    As the moon rises
    The flames glow
    Waiting for the sun to rise
    For another piece to fall through

    The ledge gets smaller
    The flames get higher
    The cliff cries
    As the ledge grows smaller

    The flames get bigger
    They get brighter
    The heat consuming the cold air
    And soon the ledge dies
    And the flames rise

    I sit near
    Watching it all play out
    Heart aching
    For i know its pain #Poem #MentalHealth #Depression

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    Once upon a starry night, the sky of stars shined so bright.
    Lightyears of distance between each one, there are many abroad just like our sun.
    Many gazed way up high, but some, the old, began to cry.
    The beauty of the cosmos is beyond human description, gazing way up may be one’s prescription.

    Creation in itself, born from our Creator. Born with infinite precision, unreplicable, loved by him.
    From the fish of the sea to the birds of the sky.
    Every microorgansim, every macroorgansim.
    Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, all is connected without one atom left out. This connection is brought from the one up high.

    Us humans take much for granted.
    Overlooking the beauty and work is all we do.
    Overlooking his grace and his mercy, our maker, our healer, our companion. Love is all he wants from us, for us to love him, others, and all.

    The universe will not last forever, all will come to an end.
    The book of life shall close and the end of the story will commence.
    Until that day, I strive to love, I strive to forgive, I strive to take up my cross, respect all people, to deal with my condition gratefully and out of love.
    Watch that sunset, climb that mountain, walk that beach, and spend time with those you love most.
    Someday, you won’t be able to.

    #CatholicChurch #Gratitude #FaithAndIllness #Faith #Jesus #god #Grief #MightyPoets #Poem #Poetry


    I Think About You - Unknown #Poem #BrainInjury #Anxiety #Escape

    I think about you way too much.
    At this point your a nuisance in my head.
    Not only do you cause damage,
    But also inconvenience me.

    Sometimes it’s the whole day.
    Sometimes my mind doesn’t even give you thought.

    I remind myself
    This isn’t anything!
    It shouldn’t be anything!

    But yet, you exist!

    You’ve pierced your talons in me
    So deep,
    there is no time limit on the healing process

    A process that repeatedly gets disrupted
    Only to be punctured
    by the same talons
    who tore me in the first place.

    I’ve learned to patch myself up
    wait for your return
    and fight off the vultures who pass by
    The ones that want to see me loose.
    See me break
    See me cry.

    Maybe they think I owe them
    Maybe they feel entitled
    Maybe they’re just bored
    Either way
    there is no stopping their vicious cycle

    They will remain the same
    Because that is their choice
    That is what they thrive off of

    But see,

    That’s also how you will remain
    Because you thrive off of it
    Because you enjoy to disrupt the calm
    Because you enjoy playing the game

    You are okay with revisiting
    You pretend everything is fine
    You act like it’s not a big deal
    And I,

    Well, I allow it
    And continue to pull myself forward
    as if none of it ever happened

    Yet my scars plead otherwise.

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    From Holly Hobbie

    The world is like a mirror 🪞
    Reflecting what you do
    And if your face is smiling 😃
    It smiles right back at you! #Poem #encouraging

    See full photo

    Am I being over emotional? #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDepression #BipolarObsessiveness #MentalHealth #MoodDisorder #MightyPoets #Poem

    My boyfriend went back to his city and now I'm alone again.I felt soo. Much sadness that I can't handle it this time. I cried whole night and I wrote this poem for him.

    Everytime I see you walking away,
    Knowing already that you'll come back my way..

    I try to hold that hand of your tighter,
    When I see into your eyes like a fighter...

    My heart is aching, eyes are watery,
    This soul is yours wanna chaseya already..

    Everytime when you say you're gonna leave,
    I feel I won't survive, coz you're air that I breathe...

    I know I'm over missing you, I'm over emotional,
    But, Please Don't Go Before I Get Better emotional
    Please Don't Go Before I Get Better emotional..🥺💙

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    In The Meantime

    In view of everything that’s gone on lately in our world, I ran across this #Poem and it just seemed to be what I needed today. #Breathe #JustBreathe #Healing #HealingVoices #Poetry #vibes #PTSD #Depression #Grief

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    To want to love without ever having been loved, and not even knowing what it feels like...
    #Trauma #Abuse #neglect #Poem #MightyPoets