At first, yeah, I laughed it off. When everyone started using “Karen” as an insult, (stereotypical menepausal white woman that is a pain in the ass to the hard working people in society). But now I’m having intrusive thoughts in my head. Logically my mind says that it seriously isn’t personal. But the irrational depressed part of my mind sinks its claws into my thoughts. They don’t take you seriously because of your name. You are a horrible person because society decided to pin that lable on you.
It made me sad, ashamed and even more depressed.
My mom named me after her best friends in highschool. All three of them became nurses. They are the kindest and some of the most hardworking women that I know.
I have not met another person my own age, 26, with my name.
It feels like paper cuts in the skin when people fling my name around like a curse. One by itself isn’t bad. But cut after cut after cut after cut starts wearing on you.
I won’t be ashamed of my name. But it still feels like thorns under the skin when people judge me based on a joke.
I try to be a good person and treat others with respect. I don’t take a lot of bullshit either. But I guess that doesn’t count for anything anymore.
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