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    Social Media: Out of Sight, Out of Mind…at the Risk of Better #MentalHealth #SocialMedia #Bipolar1Disorder #ADHD and Company

    I want to say about 3-4 years ago I started to debate taking away all of my social media. Politics was becoming rough and like all of politics, we share our thoughts, which generally is a good thing. As time passed I started to see people that I have loved and cared for, for years, start to post ignorant comments. Various mental health subjects started to unearth themselves with this political dumpster fire. It made me feel as if those who I loved disregarded my emotions, those that they knew about, as they strengthened the stigma for mental health. It made me feel so sick. I was a generally social person and was getting even better at how I conduct social behavior. But this feeling inside told me it was time to delete it all. A few people thought that I was being sneaky, hiding things, when they didn’t realize it was them turning into the people I could never waste my time on if they can’t have mutual respect with me. I am always available to listen to any sides and enjoy conversation, but not this time.

    I felt great for a long while. I could only see positivity. My chest felt light and I had the ability to continue my recovery.

    I learned more and more as time passed. The biggest, unfortunate, discovery that I had learned was “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.” I am not perfect at keeping up with everyone’s specifics, but if it’s a holiday, I’ll text you. If I remember your birthday or a special time, I’ll text you. Again, I’m not perfect but I do what I can. However, on the other side, I receive nothing from anyone.

    I wonder how much I can remember about a person in a short period of time to where I will remember that you like ___ movie, etc. A “Hey, What’s Up?” Or a “Remember when we…” Things like that make a huge difference in the world.

    I know when you grow up things change. People have kids, get married, move to a new place, fancy job, all of it, and I love to see my friends happy. But without Social Media I’m invisible. I can’t believe that a device can make me become invisible. It hurts. I’ll think of a fun activity to do and realize that I don’t have anyone to do it with. I love exploring on my own, meeting people, adventuring, or just enjoying peace and quiet. But in exchange for peace and positivity by shutting down Social Media, I have become the most lonely that I have ever been.

    I truly am #OutofSightOutofMind

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    The lies of social media #Depression #FamilyAndFriends #Anxiety #PTSD #Hope #Relationships #SocialMedia #MentalHealth

    I think social media can be a very useful way of keeping in touch with family and friends. It can also be a source of misinformation and false images. We tend to only post the positives in our lives, and that’s not necessarily bad. We wouldn’t read peoples posts if they were all negative.

    We do need to be careful we don’t compare our life to “Instagramable” life of others. Mundane can be ok. No gets through life unscathed. No one is immune from pain and disappointment.

    Let’s keep it real. I saw this sign on an old house today and thought it said it all.


    Reflections on social media

    Social media can be addicting... I want to be active and take part in it, but I don't want to lose myself to the temptations that feel built specifically for my ADHD. Is there a program that restricts social media? (I.e. only let's a person post twice a day or only lets you spend 30 minutes on it a day before it locks you out based on your settings.)

    If not, then there should be. Time management is a huge issue that a lot of people struggle with, especially if you have ADHD or other mental health disorders.

    I know there are apps and programs that allow you to block sites entirely, but I get lazy and tempted, especially when I'm depressed. I know I can unblock it at whim and I won't always feel like going through the hassle of turning it on and off. Maybe one of them has a timer built into it that can you can schedule for every day or week or month (interval options are important). I need to do more research, but maybe one of you good people knows and uses something they like and could save me some time?

    #social #SocialMedia #MightyTogether #Addiction #boundaries


    Is Chasing Dopamine Coming At The Cost Of Turning Our Medical Information Public

    It baffles me that after having their children digitally kidnapped six times, some of these parents are still refusing to hide their child's face on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. It's great that your kids are reaching their milestones on time but you don't need to share that stuff with all of your former classmates. The person who you sat next to in second grade yet haven't seen in 20 years doesn't even need to know your child's name. Children can't consent to having their photos and personal lives online. Questions like "What hospital were you born in?" are commonly used when people get locked out of their online accounts. What's crazier is the fact that these are the same parents who preach "stranger danger".

    I understand the novelty of your child being named patient of the week at the pediatric medical center. In the 1990s they may have had a star with their picture and name placed in the waiting room but now in this day and age they may have an article dedicated to your child on their medical center's website alongside their photo. One could argue that posting that information is a violation of HIPPA, even with parental consent and their signatures. The ethical dilemma lies in the subconscious psychological tricks people fall for and the lengths people will go to in order to get a rush of dopamine; as when you are searching for a short term high, you sometimes aren't thinking of the long term consequences. Parents want to share the great news with all of their friends that their child has been healed and on the other hand a child thinks "I'm on the news," and both them and their child get a burst of dopamine when they find out their photo has 100 likes instead of, "My (child's) medical information is being posted on a public website online". The medical center also benefits from those parents sharing the updates on social media; as all their success stories are online for the eyes of the parents of potential patients. Even though it's cool in the short run, it may turn into something a child doesn't want their boss to see when they are 25.

    I'm not sure about how the hospital commercials are produced but it would be a lot more ethical to have former patients (who are now adults) say, “Here's how the hospital changed my life for the better,” as opposed to sick child actors and their parents in front of the camera at their most vulnerable point in life. I understand that people are more sympathetic when they see children with machines hooked up to their bodies, but at what point does the medical center's website and the parents “go fund me” pages cross the line and turn sorrows into clickbait?

    One solution I have is to create a newsletter that you will only send to your closest friends and family and then to post vague monthly updates on social media like, “AJ recovered from a cough and stuffy nose,” instead of daily updates and posts saying, “Aiden is successfully recovering from his three week hospital stay due to Covid.”

    #hippa #sharenting #Privacy #MedicalRecords #ethics #Parenting #SocialMedia


    Egogram (Why i left Instagram)

    The last major social media site i used was IG. I am a creative person and i used it for that purpose. I was kind to others, tried to be real in my posts and also supportive of others who were creative people or those who enjoyed my creativity.

    Over time i met artists in a few areas that i have appreciated for years. Many of them were very kind privately but publicly adhered to this role of having to maintain a public facing ego. At the end of the day what mattered was numbers of likes, follower counts and feeling better than others it seemed although privately they were genuinely great people.

    None of this probably is a surprise to anyone here reading this but after awhile i found it difficult to watch other people, creative or not, well known or not, feel as though their self worth depended on like and follower counts. It became incredibly depressing to see people liking their own posts to increase counts to inflate their status in some artificial way. It became so obvious none of it was healthy no matter how many genuine connections could be made there, the platform itself was the issue.

    I had stopped using other major social media long before IG was the only one left. Extremism and negativity that prevails on all sides of every issue became overwhelming and i saw it for how nonsensical and toxic it is.

    Now i spend my time offline mostly or when i'm online viewing content and not participating on platforms that deliver it otherwise (YouTube, private Twitter to see news on things i follow / enjoy / am interested in).

    For years as i struggled with my own mental health i felt as though i was unhealthy, but the more i pay attention, the more i see in the world around me...

    I see how far i've come and how well i'm doing considering the health issues i have. I'm not attacking people online, arguing with strangers, yelling into the void picking fights, and i'm no longer spending my time being depressed by seeing good people get turned into egomaniacs seeking likes and followers on IG.

    I may not be perfect, i may still struggle at times, but as far as i can see in 2022 given life on Earth in general, i'm doing pretty well considering and that's what counts.

    #SocialMedia #Instagram #Ego #MentalHealth #Awareness #selfawareness #OnlineHealth #online #Society #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #PTSD #Perspective

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    What helped you make the decision to share your health story on social media?

    Making the decision to talk about your health on the internet, or more specifically on social media, is a deeply personal choice. There are a lot of factors that make up that decision too, in addition to a variety of risks: difficulty finding or even losing a job, loss of disability benefits, potential family conflict, or struggles with dating or maintaining romantic relationships.

    At what point in your journey did you feel ready? Did you talk with your therapist or family first?

    Your response may be used in an upcoming editorial story on The Mighty.

    #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Disability #RareDisease #SocialMedia


    Social Media and mental health

    I just downloaded an app called Stay free which blocks an app/website after a certain amount of time (which you choose.) I sometimes get caught up in Facebook and comparing myself. Also I get triggered quite easily and there is so much trash online that's toxic. I spend far too much time on social media and somehow it makes me feel MORE lonely. I don't have any in person friends who live near me to hangout. Facebook is basically my social life as pathetic as that probably sounds. The sad part is when I have deactivated it before I made a post about it, giving other ways to stay in contact with me. A whole 3 people actually wanted to. I feel pretty shit about myself lately 😔 #SocialMedia #MentalHealth #lonely #Selfesteem #BipolarDisorder #Depression #Anxiety


    What saying annoys me.

    It really bugs me when people use the Term, That's so metal,” #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth

    I also hate when people will post on #SocialMedia . Example. I can't stand a messy table like. I need to clean ASP. I'M so #OCD When they aren't and when they don't know OCD is more then cleaning system

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    Sometimes i feel like i know more information things about there life. (The people i follow on youtube ) Thoeses called influencers. Then i know about my own family and friends. They talk to us like friends. But let's be real they aren't your friends. The friendship is one sidded. They don't care about you.(The follwers) If you can't call/text them. Hang out with the,m. That's not a friend. They honestly over share about there life. We don't need to know stuff about them. We just watch videos for what's new in makeup or whatever it's about. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #SocialMedia

    The perfuct life and how happy they seem. It's all fake and a act. Instead of making theses people famous and looking up to them. Look up to real people for rolemodels.


    Social media and mental health

    I have taken social media breaks in the past and have always felt better for it. I'm ready to delete my accounts permanently but both Facebook and Instagram won't let you do it without waiting 30 days and I really hate that because I find myself getting sucked back in. I enjoy Pinterest and another smaller social media site which is purely for fans of horror. I don't see any nastiness on those, political religious or otherwise. Just feels like Meta make it as difficult as possible to actually quit their services. They also just added a thing on the last update where you see random posts from absolutely anything and everything and are then prompted to click whether you want to see more posts like it or not. I don't want to see posts I haven't followed or liked in the first place! I'm tired of watching people being so vile to each other online. How does everyone else feel about social media, does it impact your health in any way? #MentalHealth #SocialMedia #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #Depression #OCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #CPTSD