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Ask Me Anything (DID Edition)!

Hello folks! This is Jules, host of the Many but One DID system. For those that don't know, DID stands for dissociative identity disorder, previously known as MPD (multiple personality disorder.) I have been diagnosed and in therapy for about a year and a half now, with a DID specialist. It's been a real rollercoaster! However, I have a passion for helping people (systems and non-systems included!) understand what it's like to live with DID and that we are NOT what the media makes us out to be. There's loads of misinformation about DID out there, either from uninformed psychiatrists or from DID systems who simply don't do research or don't understand the disorder well enough, and unfortunately, from Hollywood directors looking to make money off of a deeply stigmatized and misunderstood disorder. I'm not saying I am a professional, however, I want to open up a dialogue.

So please! Ask me anything! Don't worry about offending me or asking something weird or silly! I am open to ALL questions of any manner. I want people to be able to ask questions without fear of ridicule. Questions like these are what help stop misinformation from spreading, and allow us to have a better understanding of DID and its complexity. If you have a partner or child with DID and I don't know how to answer your question, I may source my wife or my parents to give you the answer that would best help you.

Again, I want to preface, I am NOT a professional, and I will mostly be sharing personal experience or experiences I have heard from other DID/OSDD systems I know. (with nothing identifying them AT ALL.) If I feel your question needs research, I will try to provide sources that I know will help answer your question. I also want to say that my experience is not THE ONLY DID experience, as DID is incredibly diverse in presentation and expression.

I'd love to hear from you! Peace!


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can anyone relate #symptoms #relate #discussion

so does anyone have symptoms like body pain , tingling in the hands and feet, shortness of breath, feet pain and leg pain more on the right side.. well body pain more on the right side? after being diagnosed with Mals and having lap surgery? #MALS . doctor says there isn't much compression which is good but then what about these new symptoms. please help?

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Self-Deprogramming from The Social Cult - 2 #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Reality #Therapy #discussion

While we may debate nature v nurture ad nauseum, a more interesting line of inquiry might be to delve beyond the individual experience, beyond the qualified diagnosis, beyond even the bald evidence of a lack in parental skill and ask if any of this is even real. We cannot deny that mental illness is largely a First World problem, one that issues from the incompatibilities of the human organism with the social system. It isn’t social dynamics proper that lead to such widespread misery but the stresses imposed by the system itself. Worse, the existential quandary, where one hopes to derive some sense of meaning or purpose, is appropriated by the system and substituted for meaning and purpose within the system, for the system. The captains of revolution, industry, science and thought are symbols of a deep seated motive to conquer death which “society” has come to provide, in a literal sense, through perpetuation of hero myth.

Unfortunately, these heroes are but an exemplification of the system’s values, be they political, capital or otherwise, but are these our common human values? Are these truly representative of the manifest potential of mankind? Squabbling over money, borders, skin tone, pseudo-beliefs, is that the end to which society was devised? While some, many in fact, may answer in the affirmative, at least to the overarching promise of society, I submit they haven’t fully considered the point. Created to alleviate demands on the individual, systems for protection, production, distribution, and administration were intended to provide us with the freedom for nobler pursuits. Instead, we are totally consumed by the system we’ve set in motion, one that keeps manufacturing obsolescence and false need in order to keep everyone mystified.

Bringing such discussion up in therapy is often met with the response “...but how is this line of thinking useful to your relationships or your mental health?” leaving the impression that they consider this full-on conspiratorial thinking to be set aside in order to focus on “reality”. But whose?


Has You Mental Illness Been Denied by Another with A Diagnosis? #mental #illness #Health #discussion #Community #Stigma

We almost expect people who
Sometimes words from other with a diagnosis are more painful and damaging than outside stigma; especially denials.

I know I spent years feeling weak and guilty over suffering from Major Depressive disorder.

As much as outside stigma contributed, the bigger contributer was being told by others who had depressive disorders that I had no right to be depressed.

I had an intact family, didnt get beaten, wasn't poor, hadn't been assaulted.

That stuck.

It took years to retrain myself: My trauma is different, not less. A large part of my trauma is denial of my pain.

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What topics would you like to bring up in Caregivers Corner? #discussion #Caregiving

Everyone needs a little advice or a time to vent. I wanted to put this out to everyone and check to see what YOU as a group would like to talk about.

This could be anything from story ideas to conversation topics.


How does you’re name being used as a joke make you feel? What do you do about it?

At first, yeah, I laughed it off. When everyone started using “Karen” as an insult, (stereotypical menepausal white woman that is a pain in the ass to the hard working people in society). But now I’m having intrusive thoughts in my head. Logically my mind says that it seriously isn’t personal. But the irrational depressed part of my mind sinks its claws into my thoughts. They don’t take you seriously because of your name. You are a horrible person because society decided to pin that lable on you.
It made me sad, ashamed and even more depressed.
My mom named me after her best friends in highschool. All three of them became nurses. They are the kindest and some of the most hardworking women that I know.
I have not met another person my own age, 26, with my name.
It feels like paper cuts in the skin when people fling my name around like a curse. One by itself isn’t bad. But cut after cut after cut after cut starts wearing on you.
I won’t be ashamed of my name. But it still feels like thorns under the skin when people judge me based on a joke.
I try to be a good person and treat others with respect. I don’t take a lot of bullshit either. But I guess that doesn’t count for anything anymore.
#Karen #Depression #namecalling #SocialMedia #discussion


Do you fight against or live alongside your disability?: Open discussion

#CerebralPalsy friend or foe? Share your thoughts and experiences and how that's/ if it'schanged during this time. #Disability #discussion


Disorientation or Dissociation

So I’m still learning about my #Anxiety , as we do every day, but one thing I always notice post anxiety attack is that with how tired I feel, I sometimes can’t process what people are saying. I get that autopilot feeling too, but it’s mostly the previous statement I’m wondering about. I know it’s normal, but is there a word for it?
#JustCurious #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #discussion #help