So my mother for the most part is still the most active abuser I have in my immediate family . I will be the first one to admit that the abuse is not all on her. I have contributed to it as well it seemed to happen as we both got Older or as I became an adult and she I guess technically geratric .
I know from past experiences the only thing that seems to honestly work for us is living in separate households. I am not in a position where I can move out I am applying for public housing and waiting on thier list to get that done.
My caseworker whom I work with got me paperwork signed by my pystarist that I qualify as disabled and that should move me up the list .
But at this point the chances it could take over the next year for that to happen is a very likely case Senario.
For now I am just trying to the very best I can with what I have and break away from her verbal and emotional abuse as soon as possible #NarcissisticAbuse #abusiveparents #NarcissisticMothers