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May is Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Month!!

I finally get a whole month! 😂 NF is a life changing disease and many do not survive. I'm only 2.5 years out and I am still experiencing lasting effects from the disease from a giant ventral hernia to dental work. It's been a struggle mentally and physically. Nothing about my life is the same as it was before. I am permanently disabled now due to NF. I even had a near death experience during my fight with NF. I like to joke about my time, but I almost died because doctors wouldn't take my symptoms seriously. I have 42" of scars around my abdomen because I was ignored and gaslit. It's time to spread awareness about Necrotizing Fasciitis because it is fast acting and very deadly. #NecrotizingFasciitis

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Ovarian Torsion

I experienced ovarian torsion on Sunday. I was in the ER most of yesterday. I have a 5cm ovarian cyst. One doctor was talking surgery. Once he left they basically said because of my "complex surgical history" they were sending me home to wait it out. 🙃🥲 #OvarianCyst #ovariantorsion #EmergencyRoom #NecrotizingFasciitis #Sepsis