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Uzume & Artek

Hello fellow Mighty pet parents! Here are 2 of the reasons I make it through the day, I am able to smile, laugh, and find joy through all the pain and misery life throws at me!

Uzume is a Labrakita (Black Lab & Akita mix). Her name comes from (technically Ame-no-Uzume in Japanese) the Shinto goddess of joy and happiness, mirth and revelry. I picked her name while she was still 8 weeks old. Who could have known it was the absolute perfect name for such a happy and amazing soul. She truly lives up to her goddess of a name. At 4 months old, we came home (my husband and I were gone maybe an hour) to a big surprise! Uzume was so happy to see us, she let out the biggest smile I've ever seen on a dog! Full teeth and gums! Since that day, she hasn't stopped smiling, constantly! She's never smiled at other dogs (she's so smart), and has become more reserved with her smiles at younger kids. Otherwise, she will give everyone huge toothy smiles all day long! She wakes me with smiles and toothy kisses (she presses her teeth against my cheek) and nibbles my ear, she gives me smiles when I'm having a bad pain day or moment, she smiles and nuzzles me when I'm close to a panic attack... I couldn't have imagined a better companion. She completes my soul, and I try to live up to the happiness she brings me, and everyone around her. She also helps me with mobility, and there are days she's the only reason I'm able to walk.

Artek is an Aussie Border Collie. His name is the Norse variant of King Arthur, and guardian of the bear. My husband and I decided on his name together, though I get credit for finding this variant. I can't say he didn't grow into his name, because he is the most fearless and gallant protector! Unfortunately, he also suffers from mental illness; a condition known as Generic Neurosis. My husband and I explain it best referring to a combination of symptoms similar to autism and schizophrenia. Inside, he's the sweetest, most highly intelligent, and emotionally sensitive dog I've ever met. Outside of "his home," he is extremely hyper vigilant, easily startled, and very reactive. He comes off as very aggressive, though he will not get within more than a foot of the threat, unless it's another dog (thank you Covid...). He used to only be normal and happy at the dog park and the beach, until Covid lockdown. He's been isolated, as I'm high risk and care for very high risk parents, until I was able to get vaccinated in February, and my parents in April. We still haven't been able to do much training and reintegration. We also just moved from downtown Portland to the suburbs (much nicer area that's calm and quiet), so he's still adjusting to that as well. Dispite all of that, he's my rock! I can tell how I'm doing by his behavior, and he helps me stay centered for him. This little boy changed my life in so many ways! Because of him, I have a successful behavioral training business. #ServiceDog #Anxiety #Depression #Fibromyaliga #MentalHealth #neurosis


#Depression #anxaity #neurosis

Before I became ill I use to read a lot, learn a I'm just cleaning my house when I don't have to work. It's awful and makes me feel miserable.