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Visited sister. Have you ever been chewed out for being selfish due to talking about your fibromyalgia maybe more than you realize?

She told me I was selfish, negative , and never asked about their health. I chose to see her point of view and told her I am not a good sister. I’m sorry. Fibromyalgia has destroyed my ability to relate to others…. My noise sensitivity irritates anyone with me too long. Don’t blame her. Help me, I feel so alone, and down on myself not worthy of being with family. They don’t understand me, I am sad and miss their loving me as they did before I got sick. Even my husband feels like he is lives in the normal world and I am in a wall he can’t come close to very much. How do you cope with the fragile emotions this all creates. Feeling very shaky and tearful today. Need words of acceptance.

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My bunion and arch tingles so bad I can’t sleep.went to podiatrist. She offered cortisone . What do you think?

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Fibro flair after booster jab, I had a major flair up after my pfiser booster jab. Has anyone experience this?

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Me and my adorable bird Sammy hanging out in the closet!

<p>Me and my adorable bird Sammy hanging out in the closet!</p>
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For my dad

<p>For my dad</p>
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Finally feeling some hope for a better tomorrow
#Fibromyaliga #Depression

I've been in so much pain for so long, struggling through each day, struggling through each hour really, and struggling to find doctors willing to listen and treat compassionately. I found a great PCP a while back I believe today was our fourth appointment. He's unlike any other doctor I've ever met. But he listens and he treats me with compassion. I'm very hopeful that we have a treatment plan now in place or in the works at least that might help me get back on track and help me be able to do physical therapy. I would so appreciate if everyone could keep their fingers and toes crossed that this new treatment plan and this med switch up makes a vast difference in my quality of life. But with hope comes a lot of fear for me. Fear of my hopes being dashed when the new treatment plan doesn't work as well as I hoped. Fear that my depression will come back stronger than it is now if this fails. I'm terrified and I'm hopeful and I'm trying hard to hold both.

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Lumpy the Succulent

<p>Lumpy the Succulent</p>
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Uzume & Artek

<p>Uzume & Artek</p>
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Hey all, my rheumatologist recommended trying Savella in place of lyrica and the antidepressants I’m taking. He doesn’t prescribe my meds so I’m a bit hesitant to switch, although I don’t feel like I’m getting enough relief currently. If you’ve made the switch, what are some pros/cons? Any advice helps! Thanks 😊

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Today was slightly better than yesterday.

#ChronicIllness #SpinalStenosis #Fibromyaliga #Depression


Today, I made progress on getting my MRI denial reviewed. I went from feeling hopeless and helpless to slightly encouraged. I managed to stay in the moment for at least part of the day.

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