We are in the thick of a global tragedy.

So many people are sick, dealing with loss of lives and loved ones, loss of businesses and our livelihoods.

So, how do we raise our heads up out of the despair we are feeling and start seeing the positive in our current situation?

When I look at how humanity has responded to our crisis, I see a refocus on family and community, and a renewed sense of a shared connection between all of us.

We have been given a break, a time-out the constant chatter of needing to be busy and keeping packed schedules.

Our minds have an opportunity to be quiet. We can be present and listen to our own needs and listen and hear each other instead of being focused on social media and our next event.

We also have been given a rare gift to evaluate our lives and take stock of what we have in front of us, our priorities, our values and what really is important in our lives.

In a sense, we have given a blank slate to start over, if we so choose.

We have an opportunity to look deep within ourselves even if it feels uncomfortable to work on work on ourselves. With the time we are given right now, you have the choice to start making new decisions, start new healthy habits, create new goals and let go of what has been holding you back.

You have been given a gift to start being the YOU that you have been missing out on.

What will you do with your time?

What new opportunities have you discovered?

What new choices will you make?
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