As my mind goes; I will follow. Taking captive those thoughts that no longer serve me, with diligence and intention.
Alone in my mind I can go wherever I want; it’s easy to get lost. In those feelings, the emotions of what was, what I envisioned life to be…. Lost, yearning for that normalcy, that person I once was, carefree and full of life.
She is gone…
Yet her heart, her heart remains. Pure, untouched, unconditional, free to give. A gifted talent.
Surely as my heart has been broken, damaged, ripped to pieces, stripped of hope time after time; it continues on, untouched….
A heart so pure so full; continues loving those that have left it shattered.
After all these years, all these tears, all the emotions a heart riddles itself with… she just keeps giving the very best she can give.
So tonight as I look upon the stars ⭐️ I’ll think of those near and far. I’ll lay me head to rest tonight, in quiet slumber, in my dreams I’ll see the woman I used to be. I’ll remember beauty only runs skin deep…. that outward beauty may be gone…. Yet this heart,,, this heart of love beats on…..
Goodnight Moon 🌙