To the #Media #News & #healthexperts. 500,000 Americans live with primary immune deficiency diseases. Some 133 million Americans have #ChronicIllness and represent 40% of our population. Another million Americans are #overage60. So when you tell the public not to #panic because ONLY #chronicallyill, #olderAmericans and people with #immunediseases will die or have serious illness from COV-19 and that everything is going to be OK you are saying that millions of Americans with chronic illness or old age don't matter. Only healthy young people matter. We are real Americans too and we do matter. We vote, pay taxes and are valuable to our families and to our communities. And we can hear every word you say even if we are all about to succumb to a deadly virus. Should Americans panic over #Coronavirus? Absolutely not. But the lives of millions of Americans are worth taking every precaution for. Try discussing us like we matter too. #sickpeoplematter #oldpeoplematter