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    Does anyone here have #limbdystonia , UTI’s, #Overactive bladder and ringing in one or both ears?

    FND enter my life in 2008, I wasn’t diagnosed until 2010 and I have dealt with many different types of symptoms, but these past few months have been hitting me pretty hard. In 2017 I woke up with my toes curled inwards. Long story short, I haven’t walked in two years, now I am getting hit hard with multiple symptoms, #severeendometriosis (on a wait list for surgery), ringing in my left ear (#Tintinitus ) since 3/25/2020, UTI for the whole month of May and I have been symptomatic every since. Had a ultrasounds of my pelvis bladder and my bladder/kidneys, waiting on my results (PCP, said it was #overactedbladder ). This is too much.

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