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    Does anyone here have #limbdystonia , UTI’s, #Overactive bladder and ringing in one or both ears?

    FND enter my life in 2008, I wasn’t diagnosed until 2010 and I have dealt with many different types of symptoms, but these past few months have been hitting me pretty hard. In 2017 I woke up with my toes curled inwards. Long story short, I haven’t walked in two years, now I am getting hit hard with multiple symptoms, #severeendometriosis (on a wait list for surgery), ringing in my left ear (#Tintinitus ) since 3/25/2020, UTI for the whole month of May and I have been symptomatic every since. Had a ultrasounds of my pelvis bladder and my bladder/kidneys, waiting on my results (PCP, said it was #overactedbladder ). This is too much.

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    Community Voices

    Anyone heard of Transidental meditation?

    I would love your view on it if yes..I’ve tried since I was 20 every meditation out there and on more than one occasion. I’m 43 now and I’m convinced my little brain just wont focus and I’ve far too many distractions where I have no choice to but to reside. It looks like it’s going to cost 290 pounds to learn this. Partner said it’s absolute madness to pay someone to learn to meditate, then sadly my one and only friend in this country agreed. Are they correct? CHEERS guys! 🍀 #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #Tintinitus #Fibromyalgia #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS

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