Here we go again. Today I feel like I felt a year ago. Like again I’m in love or whatever. And I hate this. And also I feel so panicky AGAIN. Again the end of the year is approaching and so my graduation paper. I’m drowning in debts, and now feelings added. My head feels like it’s about explode. Also today for the first time in like months I had anxiety attack. And now I feel like a big weight is on my chest.
Off the topic but I understood one thing. Recently I found myself reading a lot (it’s just aus or fanfics on twitter, but I guess it could be applied to reading in general) and I know why I enjoy it so much. It’s like I forget about everything while reading, like it’s an escape from reality, I don’t feel time. But after that I usually feel so empty??? And if I’m doing work I just get distracted by my own thoughts every 5 minutes.
How on earth am I suppose to graduate this university if I’m such a mess.