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× " Should I Have A Middle Name Or Keep It As It Is ? " × #ideas #Thought 's

× " I Was Thinking Of Adding A Middle Name Too.. I Understand That This Process Will Be Difficult And Maybe Long.. And Alot Of Paper Work.. But My Brith Name Now Only Represents.. Pain...Abuse...Hurt...Unloved.. Invincible.. And I Have Alway's Felt Like I Didn't Belong Anywhere... Not Even In My Adoptive Family They Make Me Feel Like I Don't Belong And That Will Never Show Me Love.. Not Even When I Was Little.. I Know That Everyone Will Probably Hate Me Even More.. But I Need To Become Me My Viking Queen Self.. It's What I Feel More At Home With Than Anything In This World"× Sincerly,☆ SKADI ☆ #ideas #Thoughts

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Community Voices
Community Voices

× " I Would Love For People On Here To S.T.O.P Telling Me To Just Oh L.O.V.E Myself "... × #Intrusive Thought's

× " Let Me Explain Why I'm Asking For People On Here... To Not Tell Me That... And To Think Of Other Thing's To Say... 1. I'm Working Hard On This Love Myself Thing Already... So Please Enough.. With Telling Me To... 2. I Think That It's A DEMEANING WAY... Sometime's How People Say It Without Really Caring... Like Oh Whatever Shut Up And Just Love Yourself 1st Before Anything In Your Life... I'm Pretty Sure Alot Of People Are Sick Of Hearing The Same Thing... 24/7... 3. It's NEVER The Only Way To Just Get Over Thing's In Our Struggle's... Everytime I Post Something On Here I'm Very Scared Of The Comment's That I'm Going To Receive... And Yeah Alot Of Them Are Sometime's Postive.... I'm Not Going To Post Much Anymore... Because Of This... " × Sincerly, ☆▪︎S.K. ▪︎☆ #Thoughts

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All great things have small beginnings.

If you are stuck between something or lack motivation to start something, just remember, one step at a time. Great things are around the corner, but it's us who have to show up everyday to witness a wonderful future.

#Motivation #thoughtof theday #Thoughts

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Anxiety is making me feel so LOST, so now I'm ranting about it!

I'm fairly new to this website, but I figured if anyone could help or relate to me, it would be this page! I'm a mom of three, who has probably suffered with mental illness my whole life (just unaware of it, but I've learned so much, and continue to learn as well) and my children are my life, and even though I've made mistakes in the past I've learned that I'm not the same person I once was, because I lacked the knowledge that I now have. My problem now is, that I just feel lost! I'm sure it's the anxiety that keeps me feeling unsure, and having no clue what to do with my life! The more I try to figure it all out, the more I just feel confused and stuck! More than anything in the world, I just want to have a career (that gives me purpose) that not only financially supports us, but makes my kids proud of me! I let them down so many times by not being able to stick with a job, and I just want to feel normal, confident, ambitious, and clear minded. Lord please just tell me the steps I need to take to be able to do all of this, I've pleaded so many times, and maybe one day I'll get my answer lol! The ironic part is that I'm always so good at helping others, but can't seem to ever be able to mentally do it for myself! #Healing #anxietysucks
#mental illness #venting #mother #lost #Anxiety #Bedtime #alone #Thoughts #rant #

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I was thinking about the rangers that drove me to the hospital. During the ride over, they were all talking about crazy incidents all over the park, specifically about the people involved. They were laughing and talking about it. Sometimes I wonder if they bring me up and laugh about me too. It's bothering me. They probably never cared about me, and I shouldn't care about them too since it's all behind me and I'll never see them again. You think that any medical/authoritative personnel actually give a damn about the people they're helping? #Depression #Thoughts

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× " So My Plan Is And Still Will Be To Continue Saving... And Working " × Thought's

× " When I Got Here To Austin... My Plan Was To Get A Stablie Job... That Fit's Me... I Have That Already.. Even Though It Took Me 2 Year's... And I'm Constantly Saving Putting Away This Much..$20.. $10-$10... $100 Out Of Each Paycheck... I By My Miscellaneous Stuff And Grocerie's... So Far I Have Saved Up $500+ ... I Need About $3,000 - $6,000 To Move And To Keep Up With The High Rent... I Never Buy Anything That I Want Which Is In My Hobbie's . " × ☆ S. K. ☆#Thoughts

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× " Here's A Question.. Do You Believe In " Twinflame's " × " Soulmate's " × #Curious #Thought 's

× " I Have Alway's Thought That.. This Wasn't True But I Guess It Is.. In Someway.. I Have Only Had One Long-Term Relationship/Marriage... Yeah I Know Lame.. And I Need To Get Out More. But I Believe That These Word's That People Use To Discuss Partner's Etc... Is Not Real.. Thier's No Way One Person Is Your Actual True Love Etc. Maybe That's Why People Cheat Because One Partner Is Not Enough.. Or They Might Need To Feed Thier Huge Ego.. Or Something.. Meh You Know's One Will Never Understand Why People Hurt One Another... " × #Curious #Thoughts ☆ S. K. ☆

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Yesterday Tomorrow Today

Today isn't going to be a good day.
It wasn't a great day yesterday either, but I fought through it because I try not to let my chronic illness get the best of me. Tomorrow could be a great day where I beat my chronic illness with a massive stick and imagine myself stepping on top of it like I'm the king of my body, screaming "raaaawr."
Or it may be the other way around: my chronic condition is winning and taking control, refusing to let me do anything, including going to work and walking correctly.
But today I am victorious. My lupus flare-up has taken over, but you know what you have to learn to be friends with it.
Because it aint going anywhere and will be with me for the rest of my life, and it will get me down on some days and not on others.
So proud of myself for surviving another day. #ChronicIllness #Lupus #Fibromyalgia #MultipleSclerosis #Thoughts #MentalHealth #physicalhealth

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Dear workplace & management

These types of letters and convocations should not be an issue under normal circumstances, but we live in a world where most people are closed-minded, we live in a world where medical resources are developing at a faster rate than anyone can imagine, and we live in a world where people are judgmental of what they see.
More people are being diagnosed with chronic illness as a result of this. Which, in a perfect world, would be a comfort for a lot of people, including myself (to a degree), to finally get some answers as to why you're feeling so horrible, and in some situations, even receive some pain relief and at the very least alleviate the symptoms.

However, not everyone, particularly those in the workplace, can embrace this ideal truth. In my case, now that I'm in a work where my superiors respect me and my chronic disease, it may not be an issue on a daily basis. But, in the end, I'd like to apologize to those in management who have to deal with me taking three days off for health concerns, even though it doesn't happen very frequently (in my case).

I feel bad, of course I feel bad! But, at the end of the day, I'm working in an active job where I'm on my feet all day; it's not the ideal job for someone with two chronic illnesses, but it pays for my university, my cost of living, and my future.
I apologize if I don't always do my work to the best of my ability, as you know I can; sometimes I'm tired or want to reserve my energy for the last 3 hours of my 8 hour (or 12 hour) shift. I'll use any opportunity to sit down, whether it's to use the restroom or to clean the bottom of the refrigerator. I'm exhausted and in pain, but I provide excellent service to my customers.

To my coworkers whose shift was abruptly changed after I called in ill, whose shift with me wasn't up to par because I was having a poor day, and who can't fully rely on me since my brain isn't working.
But one thing I've learned from having a chronic illness and working full-time is that I'm not sorry for taking care of my body, for taking a sick day, and, most importantly, for my chronic illness, because when I leave those restaurant doors at the end of the day, I leave my coworkers, managers, and upper management behind, and I'll always take my chronic illness with me.

From an extremely appreciative employee that enjoys their job and would never want to cause any trouble under any circumstances
#ChronicIllness #Workplace #Thoughts #Lupus #MultipleSclerosis #Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigue #StayStrong #YouGotThis

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