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I've been in my head the last couple days.I've started typing, then I would delete it. I don't want to feel as through I'm a bother, I tired to speak to my aunt about it and she said totally dismissed what I said. That hurt cause the last time this happened, she told me to get ahold of her. So I had a bad day at work (Saturday), well a bad month at work really. I got a promotion, awesome. It's been a month I think. I'm always being asked to help other people, which is fine, I need to do my work. I'm just learning my area so it's takes me a little longer to do these tasks. I couldn't take it anymore, I called in Sunday and stayed in bed all day and barely ate. Today I just don't feel like myself. My anexity is through the roof, and I have no desire to sleep. I'm frustrated, I'm a mess. Thanks for listening. #anexity #Mess #really

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Good Morning #CheckInWithMe #DistractMe

Hiya Mighty friends family community
How is everyone today?
On this Sunday

I'm making chocolate cake and trying to make a marshmallow topping by just putting marshmallows ontop and putting it back into the oven till it warms through n melts.

Mmm. May work may not.
Should have thought it out a bit more out took it out of the pan first 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sticky business this marshmallow stuff.

But I'm sure itll taste yummy how ever it looks 🍰🎂🍽🍴
Love n hugs to you all Tj ❤😊🤗😘💖🦓🦄🐾🐕🐶🌏

#laughterisgoodmedicine #Love #Fun #Marshmallow #Sticky #Cooking #Mess #sunday #RareDisease #TrigeminalNeuralgia #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #PsoriaticArthritis #ImmuneDeficiency #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #Selflove #Bekind #checkonyourneighbours #Stayhomestaysafesavelives


TF is going on

Here we go again. Today I feel like I felt a year ago. Like again I’m in love or whatever. And I hate this. And also I feel so panicky AGAIN. Again the end of the year is approaching and so my graduation paper. I’m drowning in debts, and now feelings added. My head feels like it’s about explode. Also today for the first time in like months I had anxiety attack. And now I feel like a big weight is on my chest.
Off the topic but I understood one thing. Recently I found myself reading a lot (it’s just aus or fanfics on twitter, but I guess it could be applied to reading in general) and I know why I enjoy it so much. It’s like I forget about everything while reading, like it’s an escape from reality, I don’t feel time. But after that I usually feel so empty??? And if I’m doing work I just get distracted by my own thoughts every 5 minutes.
How on earth am I suppose to graduate this university if I’m such a mess.


How do I stop being emotionally dependent?

Without explaining my life story, I'm super messed up in the head (because of things that happened in my life). I'm not suicidal, but I constantly think about my own death and how numb I feel. I push this ridiculously happy persona to everyone around me to hide the fact that my emotions and memories are literally eating my soul. I've asked for help from my Fiance, but even after sending him articles on how to help he doesn't seem to change anything. I'm 1000+ miles away from my hometown and everyone/everything I know. All I have is him and I don't know how to make him help me. I just need him to pull me close and tell me I'll be okay. He loves me and takes such good care of me, but I feel so guilty for hating myself and expecting him to fix me. I'm a mess. 😔 #Depression #CPTSD #CPTSDinrelationships #Relationships #engaged #Broken #Guilty #Mess


PTSD Thoughts

When you don’t have a normal childhood it affects how you deal with relationships. I’m used to running from my problems and I ran away from a really great guy to be with someone I thought I loved but I miss my great guy who stood by me through court. #Mess