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Hip dysplasia and hEDS

In 2019 I stood up out of a vehicle and tore my labrum through a hip dislocation. I had to go out of work for 6 months to have surgery and heal. I ended up having a scope and they tightened my hip I place with anchors as I kept experiencing dislocations. The hip did great until November 2020 when after a night of dancing (the first since I had surgery) I stood up and audibly heard my labrum re tear. I instantly returned to the Orthopedics where we did and MRI, confirmed the tear and I was sent to a new surgeon. At the new surgeon appointment, after xrays were reviewed it was determined that I had Bilateral hip dysplasia and qualified for a very scary surgery known as a PAO or Periacetabular Osteotomy.

Now this brings me to my thoughts, I didn't have hip problems until after I gave birth to my daughter. I had a vaginal delivery and after had problems with my bladder that I still deal with. In addition, the hip issues cropped up. So I wonder, was it the child birth and the fact that I have EDS that led to the hip problems? Have lots of others experienced something similar and should this be something doctors warn patients with EDS who are wishing to have children of their own. Not that it would change my choice as I absolutely love my daughter and would go through this over and over to have her, but maybe it could be an important discussion for others as I am now looking at a possibility of 6 more surgeries to fix both hips, which is very te consuming and the pain is absolutely insane on a daily basis.

I hope if anyone else is dealing with this, you know you are not alone. My first PAO is scheduled for May 28th and I have high hopes that this will help, but god the idea of a doctor cutting and repositioning my pelvis is absolutely terrifying.

#EDSAwareness #HipDysplasia #paowarrior #LivingWithPOTS