I'm deleting this app. I can no longer play pretend with folks. I am so tired of finding that everyone is treated so differently from my experiences. I have never been offered any treatments other than methotrexate or humira- NEVER asked about TB, Never asked if I had any abcesses... yeah right as I am making the appointment to learn how to inject humira, I mention the dentist appointment I have and suddenly I cannot take humira. Not a single Dr. has ever asked the pertinent questions required. That was about 5 years ago. Nothings changed. I've had my rights stomped on and given no options to improve my quality of life. Everything I've ever had I had to ask for repeatedly. Doesn't matter what my labs say because I look too healthy. My last Dr., a gaslighting so and so that only cares if she LIKES you... didn't have any of my info correct. I tried to correct it but it didn't matter. I am always AMAZED to hear when folks are prescribed oral steroids, I was told they wouldn't help me - but then the lowest dose for 5 days probably wouldn't do much. I can't come here anymore and continue to confirm that I am not treated with any compassion or respect by my Dr's. The last Dr lied to my face trying to convince me that topical clyndemyacin ( I'm sure the spelling is wrong) did NOT have the same effects as oral - as in C. Difficile that I already had once! So I got it AGAIN. Just to try and show cooperation I did this and the woman didn't apologize- nothing. In fact it just got worse. I have NO SUPPORT system so I have no fight in me. I'm tired of still feeling completely alone HERE. Here on this app. Where I see the same kinds of posts over and over by the same people. It's more depressing than anything in my life. I can't find a single person that will treat me like a person. If I have to see another post full of platitudes and nonsense that negate everything I deal with , the very literal abuse at the hands of medical professionals ... why do I stick around? No one even bothers asking me anything, they think looking at me they can ASSUME they know me or my lifestyle. No one asks. No one listens. I have real medical issues that never get addressed. I guess I don't have the same rights. How about an article on when to sue for malpractice or resources for folks that have none, not hotlines that cannot effect any change... I'll never call. The state allowed me medicaid to pick up where Medicare leaves off and that's ALL. I shouldn't feel like the only way to make things better is to die. I have No one. I'm tired of feeling like I don't exist and nothing I do matters. Oh and kudos for offering some form of gift card or payment as incentive to join, really feels like exploitation of the impoverished. Being disabled is hard enough without being poor, but being poor and feeling baited by the CHANCE of compensation is sick.