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Oh gosh One More Health Problem! Help! #Lowbloodpressure #Anxiety #Depression #Migraine

Y'all I'm am so #anxious . I've been experiencing low blood pressure. Today it was low that I felt SO dizzy. I felt terrible. So much so that I couldn't drive to get any of my errands done. I felt SO much #Fatigue . When I went to the neurologist last Friday it was low according to the nurse 93/65. This has been going on and off for a couple of months. Is there anyone else that has experienced this? I'm planning on calling my pcp, but he's not the greatest. I'm really anxious about this. I dread the idea of going through the process of finding out the cause. I really don't need this.
I already suffer from several chronic illnesses, some physical and others mental health related.
#Anxiety #Depression #Fibromyalgia #Migraine #Hypothyroid #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #CPTSD

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is lilbird. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and hashimoto's disease last spring and want to see if there are other people out there that I can connect with that are experiencing the same thing. I'm also curious about how they are dealing/coping with it. Would also love some beneficial reading material for myself and my partner to deeper understand my condition#MightyTogether #ADHD #Anxiety #Depression #AutoimmuneDisease #Hypothyroid #hashimotos

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My Netflix Series List!Thanks To You!🌻🥰 #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Fibromyalgia #Hypothyroid #MCS

Thank you all very much for giving me SO many brilliant Netflix suggestions! My Smart TV has been installed, which gives me access to streaming services in my bedroom. The way I selected these eight series was through noting your suggestions, researching the user reviews, reading the synopses, as well as considering my own personal interests. (I cannot do horror at this time. It’s just too much right now. But thank you!) Here is my list: Stranger Things, Glass Onion, Unorthodox, Clickbait, The Queen’s Gambit, Safe, In The Dark, and Better Call Saul.

I doubt if I will get through all of these this year, but at least this is a great start.🤗 Thank you all for commenting and liking my posts and clicking on my YouTube video links. Have a wonderful 2023, as we continue supporting each other through the abyss of chronic illness! 🥰Wendy Love

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LIES #artheals #PTSD #SAH #Hypothyroid #avm

I began treatment for my ptsd.I am not liking this way of therapy.in front of strangers.I don't feel right being there.I have a background in behavior.I am too analytical,why I'm in therapy to begin with.I am to the point of no trust again.The doctors put me in a position where I cant leave the therapy.They lie constantly.Im tired of it.My life is surrounded by lies.My so called friends,was 2, now down to one,my son,my husband.All because they say I won't accept it or I will be too sensitive.I won't break.I'll move on as I always have.How hard is that to get.I'm exhausted with the withholding of information.That is the new munipulation for lies.If Im not told...then it is not a lie.im the same person I was before getting sick.This time though,I know the difference between a blatant lie and passively avoiding.If you want to be in my life,do not lie to me.I know.I feel it.I feel all of it,near or far.That always scared me and half my anxiety.The phyical feeling of being mistreated.How sick I feel,my whole life when being lied to,used and munipulated.I can explain to them how it effects me,It doesn't stop.

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BMS is the last thing I needed. #BurningMouthSyndrome #Hypothyroid #Anxiety #Depression

Just found this forum and am so happy to see I’m not crazy and alone. I recently turned 50 and in addition to all the hormonal changes, central hypothyroidism (pituitary malfunction), IBS, anxiety and depression, I have now been dealing with this horrendous and painful condition that honestly blows the others away. After a year of tests to rule out everything else, I’m finally seeing a specialist at Cleveland Clinic next month who has experience with BMS and can hopefully help me find a way to manage the pain. I’ve tried the magic mouthwash, Alpha Lipoic Acid and most recently Nervive at night with little relief but I am now shifting my focus to learn how to live with this (without losing my husband). Thank you all for sharing your stories and hang in there. We can do hard things. ♥️