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    × " My Sibling's Are Still Holding A Grudge Against Me For Experiening Life " × #PeopleAreJustPlanSad

    × " So When I Was Little My Dad Died From Cancer... And My Mom Never Re-Married For The Sake Of My Older Twin Brother And Myself.. My Mom Had Four Heart Attack's Plus Major Surgerie's.. So I Didn't Have A Full Childhood.. I Only Experienced That When My Dad Was Alive At The Time.. Those Are The Only Best Cherished Memorie's.. That I Have.. It Was After My Dad Passed Away That I Alittle Girl Had To Give Up My Friend's And Going Outside.. To Start Taking Care Of Her And My Fully Disabled Twin... That Was Stressful.. And This Is Why I'm So Messed Up.. My Sibling's Think That I Had It Good No.. When I Turned A Teenager My Mother Didn't Allow Me To Work To Help Her... So I Stayed Taking Care Of Both Of Them.. My Sibling's Were NEVER Around They Were Too Busy With Thier Own Kids And Live's.. But Would Only Come To The Family Home.. To Get Money Out Of My Mom.. Or Family Gathering's... And Now That I'm Trying To Repair My Broken Self... They Bash Me For Getting Married To The Worng Person And For Having A Baby That I Lost..... They All Act Like They Are So Perfect.. New's Flash No One Is Perfect... Not Even Me.. I Was 18 When I Left And Lived My Life With Struggle's.. Homelessness... Losse's... And I'm Now Re Doing It Again.. I Get Nasty Text From My Older Brother.. Because My Sister Tattle Tale's On Me For Not Applying For Disability Etc. I Have A Full-Time Job What More Do You Want From Me.. They View Me As Lazy.. For Getting Day's Off.. I Don't Ask For Anything From My Boss.. Unless I'm In Extreme Pain And Sleepy... I Don't Say Anything When They All In This House Spend So Much Of Thier Income's On Amazon Everyday... But Love To Yell Me For Buying Something For Myself... " × #venting #Explaining ☆▪︎S.K. ▪︎☆

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