#PhoneAnxiety ", just one facet of my social anxiety/GAD, reared its head after 2-plus decades of self- medicating. Sobriety brought me to health care professionals who explained my diagnoses of GAD, depression and ADD/ADHD. Phone anxiety? Who knew? I chuckle at myself, and the above advice; exposure to conversations via customer service reps, etc. The irony: those calls are easy and even fun for me; i'm in control of the conversation flow, and, I love "connecting" with others. Simple questions can lead to interesting conversations! While chatting with a customer service rep in the Phillipines (between his slow computer jumps) he asked if he could sing for me; he wants to audition for American Idol; wanted to know if he was good enough. Fantastic, I told him! A human connection, prompted by me, such as that--love it. BUT answering the phone? Being "forced" to shift my mental gears and dive into the realm of the unknown?? Call a friend or relative for a "casual" conversation??? THANKS TO AN ARTICLE I SPOTTED IN THE MIGHTY, I was guided on how to tell loved ones about my phone anxiety. That brought great relief for me, and the support i received has helped me relax enough to make a little progress!