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This info might only be inherent in #Pisces but I have had the most strong feeling about #Sayingthings . I get too uncomfortable in an environment where I feel like people are trying to force me to do or say something. I guess the truth is I have an internal association with those actions that are pure in the sense that if I don't want to do something or say something. You see I have to do those things in a very pure sence. And if I can't I get very upsetting 🦍🦍


Do you something feel different from other people?

For example I sometimes feel that I am a very picky. Not because I was born this way but because of life situations, I have expierenced tgat I have made myself this way. I would love to make friends, but for some reason I can pick up who is a good person & who is not. Than I tend to be testing them and seeing if they are lying or not. If I pick up a negative vibe from them I tend to push my self away. But there has been times were it’s hard for me to read the person & I open my self up completely & than I get hurt or disappointed. Sometimes I just feel that 99% of the time people just get close to either use me in some form of way. It’s either because they sale something, & they like the way my attitude is and they feel that I can sale a lot of products for them. Or because they see that all things around me are positive and my vibes aren’t negative. Idk if this makes sense.. the sucky part is that when I get disappointed or pick up the negative vibe of the person my soul gets really, really sad. And when this happens I have to cry or get away from everybody & go to the mountains or beach to renewal my self... 😏 I’m i the only one that is this unique??? By the way I am a Pisces ♓️ if that helps... #unique #different #soul #Pisces

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