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Body shaming #unique #bodies #BeYourself

In this system it’s sometimes hard to be yourself and really enjoy it. Every day we’re surrounded with stupid and mostly irrational dictations of beauty and fashion industry. Let’s focus on real beauty and real bodies. All of us are unique and beautiful no matter what. You are so beautiful,no matter what they say,love yourself as the way you are and be the best version of yourself 💕😊💕

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#Insomnia or Awake After Enjoying The Day? #Perspective Matters ❤️

Wow! What a day! I really had fun today, well, yesterday. I went outdoors and enjoyed a day of exploring my local area! This has been a hard task during the past six months. But????? Why I am still awake at 4:00AM? I don’t have a clue. But once again, no worries, I am simply enjoying this quiet time of the day. And I think it is because I am finally embracing my medical leave because of this breakthrough.

Two days ago, I woke and my mind was flipping thoughts like crazy! I tried to pray but my thoughts kept shifting; this is my new norm I often experience after sustaining my fifth concussion a year ago. But this time, as my thoughts flipped from one thing to the other, I had a thought: write each of your thoughts down. So I did. And within five minutes, I had recorded nearly twenty thoughts!!! And after writing every one my thoughts and feelings, which lasted twenty minutes, I was exhausted but….RELIEVED!!! 😁

So, I feel as if a new me has emerged from that moment on! The multiple thoughts stemmed from me viewing other’s lives on social media sites. But those thoughts faded after I jotted them down, in real time. Why? Because I realized, once I wrote down each anxious thought, how those thoughts and feelings were all based on comparisons: me comparing my life to posted photos of others, which are really my assumptions of other people’s lives. And those comparisons and assumptions have led me into a maze of fractured emotional thoughts AND anxiety.

Therefore, shortly after listing those many thoughts, I started enjoying my day. And now, after today’s fun activities, I am still awake because I am not emotionally overwhelmed from wasting time lamenting over my real life compared to posted snapshots of other people’s lives. Remember, those comparisons and assumptions are based on ONE SECOND of a person’s life captured by a camera.😉! But most importantly, those comparisons and assumptions are deceiving and very deceptive.

So, I will now address such thinking, instantly, before succumbing to the negative emotions that accompany my deceptive assumptions and comparisons. We are not on this earth to live like others. No! Instead, we are here to be our #unique selves impacting lives we encounter with our special personalities, skills, and talents.❤️

#BeYourself #conquer your #mindset , for you ARE #TheMighty person #created for #good #works !

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Unique like Salt #CheckInWithMe

Good Morning Mighty Family

Have a Unique Character like Salt
It's Presence is not felt but
It's absence
Make's Things Tasteless

Did you miss me yesterday! Wink wink 😉😉

I hope you are having a relaxing refreshing Weekend
Recharging your batteries and getting ready for whatever is next.

Yesterday was relaxing for me, I even did some washing. Go me. Good job the washing machine does all the work.
As I managed to lounge on my Sofa all day . Yayyyy. No bed bound me. I even washed up too. 🙀 all because my food shop was being delivered. But was a chance to open my doors and windows let in the sunshine 🌞🌤 and talk to my neighbours.
So in a way it made me feel a bit better in myself by the end of the day. My batteries got refilled a little. My hermit self came out of her shell and having a conversation helped.🗯Who knew 🤷‍♀️

Sending love and light Tj 🌈🌞🌤💪🤗❤😊

#Depression #Anxiety #TrigeminalNeuralgia #PsoriaticArthritis #Bekind #Talking #selfcare #Love #Hugs #RareDisease #salt #unique #hermit #MentalHealth #RacingThoughts


#loveyourself #BeYourself #unique #fight #MoodDisorders

I just wanted to say this for anyone and everyone. You're capable of more than you can imagine. Change your perspective, but don't change your unique goofiness, live life the way that is true to you and brings joy to others. Even when you're not at your best, help another to be. Life is short and being that goofball in the middle of nowhere and making others laugh is better than holding back and trying to fit society, when for all you know that could be your last presence. Make your life count and know that it IS valuable even when it can feel it isn't. Much love and blessings to everyone reading this ♥️


Do you something feel different from other people?

For example I sometimes feel that I am a very picky. Not because I was born this way but because of life situations, I have expierenced tgat I have made myself this way. I would love to make friends, but for some reason I can pick up who is a good person & who is not. Than I tend to be testing them and seeing if they are lying or not. If I pick up a negative vibe from them I tend to push my self away. But there has been times were it’s hard for me to read the person & I open my self up completely & than I get hurt or disappointed. Sometimes I just feel that 99% of the time people just get close to either use me in some form of way. It’s either because they sale something, & they like the way my attitude is and they feel that I can sale a lot of products for them. Or because they see that all things around me are positive and my vibes aren’t negative. Idk if this makes sense.. the sucky part is that when I get disappointed or pick up the negative vibe of the person my soul gets really, really sad. And when this happens I have to cry or get away from everybody & go to the mountains or beach to renewal my self... 😏 I’m i the only one that is this unique??? By the way I am a Pisces ♓️ if that helps... #unique #different #soul #Pisces

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You Are A Treasure #Chatspace #Goodmorning #DistractMe

Good Morning

You are not replaceable

Nor are you able to be


You are a treasure that is one of

a kind 💖

Just a reminder that you are all unique special a treasure and loved by many.

Why? Because that's who I am. I am a very loving caring person, tactile, and I tell people that I care about that I love them.
You are my Mighty family and as such I care about you.
We are here to support each other and have a good old chin wag at the same time.

Love n hugs big old hugs Tj 💖🤗🤪☺️😄😃😁☺️😝😎🤨🙃🤪😳

#Chatspace #checkonyourneighbours #chinwag #lovingkindness #unique #Treasure #Love #Hugs #peace #Bekind #Bekindtoyourself #loving #Talking #Vent #rant #cry #why #Tj #Notreplaceable